We've all been told not to eat the yellow snow, which, when you think about it, means that the white snow is fair game. Surprisingly, with the right ingredients, it can be f-ing delicious. So put on your snow boots, because I've just found your new winter snack staple. Here are 5 clever ways to eat snow. 

1. Snow Cones 

sorbet, alcohol, liquor, juice, sweet, cocktail, ice
Rose Ferrao

This refreshing snack is just begging to be made with real snow. All you need to do is scoop up some fresh snow and pour on the flavored sugar syrup of your choice. You can also use fruit juice if you'd prefer a healthier option.

2. Snow Pops

sorbet, cream, strawberry, chocolate, candy, berry, sweet
Caitlyn Heter

Quick and easy to make, these frozen treats are sure to be a success. Just take some snow and add in the fruit juice of your choice. Pack the concoction into a snow pop mold and freeze them until they're solid. If you're feeling a bit more adventurous, you can swap out the fruit juice with some of these more daring options

3. Snow Cream

caramel, dairy product, ice, sundae, sweet, milk, whipped cream, chocolate, cream
Caroline Ingalls

This alternative of classic ice cream is sure to impress, and it's super easy to make. All you need to do is scoop up some snow and add in some milk. Stir until you achieve a creamy mixture, and then add in some vanilla for taste. You can enhance the flavor by adding toppings that will satisfy your sweet tooth or your diet

4. Hot Cocoa Snow Slushie 

sweet, mocha, hot chocolate, espresso, chocolate, cream, cappuccino, milk, coffee
Alex Kaneshiro

To achieve this mouth-watering snowy drink, you need to chop up your favorite chocolate into bite-sized pieces. Heat them up until they're melted, add in some cocoa and sugar, and stir until blended. Remove the mixture from the heat and add in some milk. Finally, add in a bit more milk and mix your concoction in with your snow until it becomes slushie-like. For an even tastier treat, you can pair the traditional whipped cream with other fun toppings

5. Snow-garitas 

salt, sweet, cocktail, cream, milk, ice
Carl Pieri

This cool drink is a wintery take on the beloved margarita drink. Pour your chilled liqueur and lime juice together and mix in your agave nectar. Then, stir in your chilled tequila and snow. If you want to spice up your snow-garita, you can try different flavors, like watermelon

So the next time you're snowed in and hungry, don't head straight for the pantry. Go outside and gather up some fresh, white snow. I guarantee that winter will have never tasted so good.