Traveling for food? Is that a thing? Of course! Yeah, we've heard about sightseeing, but let's get real — culinary dishes are the main concern. In many places, food is part of the culture, so where should you go in order to find the best culinary delights? 

1. Peru

Apart from being known for Machu Picchu, Peru's cuisine has gained global recognition over the past years. Whether you want to try the typical ceviche (pictured above) which you can find on every corner, or an alfajor, a typical Peruvian cookie filled with dulce de leche, you will not de disappointed. If you're feeling fancy, you could give Maido a try. Maido is a nikkei (Peruvian-Japanese fusion) restaurant that has been named the 8th best in the world. 

2. Italy

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Amelia Hitchens

Pasta, pizza, gelato? Does it get any better? Italy is another country known for its great cuisine. From fresh-made bread at a local bakery to different flavored gelato, what else do you need for a meal? If you happen to be in Venice on a budget, here are 5 places you could try. You might be traveling for food a little farther than your local Italian restaurant, but your taste buds will not be disappointed. 

3. South Africa

If you happen to find yourself in South Africa, apart from enjoying the beautiful vineyards and amazing safaris, don't forget to try their food. The vast variety will not disappoint. For an added bonus, many restaurants, such as Delaire Graff, (food pictured above) have beautiful views of Cape Town's vineyards. 

4. Spain

Jessica Suss

Slightly shift your eating schedule to later in the day and get ready to try Spanish tapas, paella, croquetas, just to name a few. Their plates are exceptional, and if you haven't tried the jamón ibérico, you should probably book your flight right now. 

5. Japan

sushi, tuna, fish, sashimi, seafood, wasabi, rice, salmon, nigiri
Alex Kaneshiro

Japan has Mount Fuji and Tokoyo, but more importantly they have the sushi we all know and love. They also have shabu shabu, a Japanese-style hot pot, that is adventurous in itself. Being an island, Japan also has access to the freshest seafood, making their sushi a little bit different than what you might have down the street from your house. And, Japan has started creating detailed and perfectly decorated desserts that are so worth the insta-pic. 

*instantly buys plane tickets to the other side of the world*