During my semester abroad in Venice, Italy, I made it my mission to weed through all of the tourist trap restaurants on the Grand Canal (aka tourist central) and find the best local spots. I was the resident "foodie" within my abroad group, and I bore the title with pride. If you trust me, which you definitely should, you'll make sure to visit these five unreal spots during your next getaway to the floating city of Venice. Here are my favorite cheap eats Venice has.

1. Dal Moro's

Morgan Pagliocco

Even if you have only a day in Venice, this place is a must-try. All of the homemade pasta is served in takeout containers so you can enjoy it on the steps of one of the many scenic canals. This is easily some of the tastiest pasta I had in Italy, not to mention it's dirt cheap. Tourists beware of a copycat takeout pasta place opened up around the corner that tries to lure in Dal Moro's customers. This spot may be hard to find, but it is so worth it.

#SpoonTip: Order your pasta with extra mozzarella for maximum #cheesepull action when you inevitably Instagram this meal.

2. Osteria Al Squero

Morgan Pagliocco

While this is definitely not the best place for a full meal, it is my absolute favorite place in Venice. Osteria Al Squero is a cozy, adorable spot serving up classic Venetian cichetti, aka small plates like crostini and arancini, which usually accompany a late afternoon drink. A stop here won't hurt your wallet either. My usual order of Prosecco and a couple cichetti never cost me more than five Euros.

#SpoonTip: Make sure to go here on a beautiful day. You can perch on the wall of the canal outside the restaurant and watch tourists float by on the iconic gondolas.

3. Paradiso Perduto

While this restaurant isn't the cheapest of them all, it is a local favorite. If you want to try the most classic Venetian dish, squid ink pasta (don't let the black sauce intimidate you), this is where you should go. The pasta and seafood are fresh, and you can tell Paradiso Perduto is authentic because the menu is entirely in Italian, which is unusual for a touristy city like Venice. Once you Google Translate the menu and decide on your order, you're in for a night of delicious food, live jazz, and a true Venetian experience.

4. Suso

While I was in Italy, I focused on the four main Italian food groups: pasta, pizza, wine, and of course, gelato. You know how some people have romantic abroad flings? My abroad fling was with this gelato shop. I never went more than a couple days without indulging in a scoop at Suso. Top notch flavors include Opera, a coffee base with Nutella swirl, and the classic and creamy Stracciatella. The best part about this place? They don't use artificial coloring and commit themselves to using environmentally friendly materials.

#SpoonTip: Order two scoops to get a free wafer on top, which makes for the most Insta-worthy cone.

5. Birraria La Corte

Right around the corner from my apartment, this hidden gem serves up a huge variety of pizzas, in addition to the best gnocchi I've ever had in my life. I tried everything at Birraria La Corte from fried eggplant to a pizza with a full ball of burrata cheese on top, but the melt-in-your-mouth ricotta gnocchi kept me coming back on a weekly basis. The prices didn't hurt either. Unreal pasta and a half liter of wine for under 15 Euros? Sign me up.

Moral of the story: Even if you're in an expensive and touristy city, good and affordable food isn't hard to find if you know the right foodies. You just have to be willing to search and learn some Italian along the way.