The holidays are upon us and you know what that means: spending time with family, gifting and receiving presents, singing Christmas carols and baking holiday treats. If you're like me, then baking consists of putting some Pillsbury Reindeer Sugar Cookies in the oven. However, if you're looking to expand your dessert repertoire, TikTok baker Jessie Sheehan has you covered with these four festive holiday recipes. 

Keep on reading to discover sweet festive recipes that might become your next holiday staple. 

1. Chocolate Eggnog Icebox Cake

Jessie Sheehan

Have you ever heard of an icebox cake? Well, if you haven't, an icebox cake is a cake that is made from nothing other than cookies and whipped cream. I know, crazy right?! Sheehan created this festive Chocolate Eggnog Icebox Cake for Stefanie Pollack's Cupcake Project blog. This chocolate cake is the perfect holiday treat and includes hints of eggnog and nutmeg to add a festive twist.  

2. Chocolate Ginger Sparkle Cookies 

Jessie Sheehan

Santa isn't the only one who can enjoy cookies around the holidays. Sheehan's Chocolate Ginger Sparkles Cookies combine sugar and spice to create the ultimate holiday cookie. Made with ground ginger, white pepper, clove, and a whole lot of chocolate, this recipe calls for the perfect Christmas cookie!

3. Deep Dish Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie

Jessie Sheehan

If you enjoyed pecan pie at Thanksgiving, that doesn't mean you can't have it again for Christmas! Sheehan's Deep Dish Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie features a gooey, deeply chocolate flavor alongside an ultra-flakey and buttery crust topped bourbon and toasted pecans, 

4. Peppermint Chocolate Whoopie Pies

Jessie Sheehan

There is no such thing as too much peppermint. Sheehan's Peppermint Chocolate Whoopie Pies add a holiday twist to a beloved dessert! Filled with pink peppermint buttercream, these sweet and refreshing whoopie pies are an excellent addition to the holiday menu.  

Which recipe are you going to try!?