1. Santa's Christmas Cookies

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These cookies are your typical cut-out sugar cookies you make every holiday season. But, the best part is that they are super easy and super simple. The only "special" equipment you need is a squeeze bottle for easy decorating, but you can also use a plastic bag with the tip cut off. 

2. Super-Chunky Christmas Cookie

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These cookies are just look just how they sound: super chunky and chewy! These yummy cookies must be added to your holiday baking list this year, because it wouldn't be Christmas without them. 

3. Meemaw's Kitchen Sink Christmas Cookies 

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This recipe comes from Ms. Paula Deen herself, and she sure brings the kitchen sink in these cookies. They're perfect when you can't decide what type of cookie you want to eat. This recipe combines a little bit of everything: rice cereal, coconut flakes, oats and toffee bits to bring you a scrumptious and easy cookie recipe.

4. Gingerbread Cookies

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We are going super classic with these sweet little guys. These gingerbread cookies are super scrumptious and will transport you back to your childhood while you are enjoying them.

5. Holiday Swirled Sugar Cookies

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These cookies put a fun twist on your typical sugar cookie, with cosmic swirl decorations. So, if you are looking to mix it up this holiday season, then you have to try out these amazing cookies. 

6. White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

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These are personally some of my favorite Christmas cookies because of the flavor combo. I'm a sucker for both white chocolate and cranberry. So if you are, too, you have to try these out this Christmas. 

7.  Shortbread Cookies

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Shortbread cookies aren't my all time favorite holiday cookies, but I do like to nibble on one every now and then. When I do, I run to this recipe because Ina Garten knows how to make a slamming cookie. Whether you are or aren't a huge fan of shortbread, you've got to give these a try because I wasn't a fan of shortbread until I had Ina's recipe. 

8. Christmas Citrus Squares

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If you are like me and miss summery citrus flavors during the colder months, then this recipe is perfect for you! It combines my favorite holiday and one of my favorite flavors into one yummy cookie square.

9. Candy Cane Cookie Recipe

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These cookies are just too cute to not make for the holiday season. They look like mini candy canes—and what is more fun and delicious than that? If you like festive cookies, bring these cute little treats around and you'll be the star of your next holiday party.

10. Chocolate Peppermint Pinwheel Cookies

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If you are crazy about mint and chocolate as much as me, you have to check out Alton Brown's recipe. This recipe is a fun and interesting take on the mint chocolate cookies.  Instead of making a traditional chocolate cookie with mint chips, this recipe makes two separate doughs and rolls them together to create a fun pinwheel effect.

11. 4-Ingredient Christmas Cookies

Kelli Haugh

These cookies are perfect when you are looking for a quick and easy way to bring the holidays into your home. All you need is four simple ingredients to make these yummy red velvet-flavored Christmas cookies.

12. Gluten-Free, Vegan Sugar Cookies

Kristine Mahan

If you have a diet restriction that prohibits you from eating many of the typical Christmas cookies, don't fret! Spoon University has got you covered with this easy recipe for sugar cookies that are both vegan and gluten-free.

13. Peppermint Christmas Cookies

Marykate Surette

These cookies are another one of my favorites during the holiday season. Plus, this recipe is super fun to make because you get to crush up candy canes—talk about a stress reliever, am I right?

14. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Kiss Cookies

peanut butter, peanut, chocolate, butter
Annie Pinto

I don't know about you guys, but these cookies take me all the way back to my childhood! I have been making these with my family since I was a little girl and they are still one of my favorites. These are a must-make this Christmas if you love chocolate and peanut butter together.

15. Great Grandma Elise's Butter Cookies

Liz Risko

If you are looking for a reminder of your grandma this holiday season, check out these amazing butter cookies. They're not just easy to make, they're so delicious and they'll last you a long time. 

16. Chewy Gingersnap Cookies

cookie, chocolate, sweet, gingerbread, candy, ginger, molasses, pastry, cinnamon
Maya Giaquinta

These are the perfect way to get that yummy gingerbread house taste without all of the hard work and time. These cookies are super chewy and easy to make. If you are a fan of gingerbread houses but don't like making them, you have to add this to your Christmas cookie list this year!

17. Toasted Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate, sweet, cookie, pastry, cake, goody
Jocelyn Hsu

If you are a pecan and chocolate lover, then this is the perfect recipe for you. Not only does this cookie have a nice and nutty flavor, but that nutty flavor pairs really well with the smooth and silky chocolate. 

18. White Chocolate Dipped Molasses Cookies

Sarah Stettin

These chewy, spicy cookies will bring warmth into your body on those cold and crisp winter days. If you like white chocolate these are for you: they taste like the cookies from Trader Joes

19. Peanut Butter Dog Treats

sweet, bread, cookie, pastry, cake, hash
Emily Swingle

Yes, you read that right, it says dog treats. You can't make all these cookies for yourself and not include some for your sweet pup. These easy to make dog treats are perfect to put in your dog's stocking for Christmas. They are a great way to become a dog's best friend and they'll keep begging for more. 

20. Hot Chocolate Cookies

cocoa, chocolate chips, chips, chocolate
Caroline Ingalls

Now this is what I'm talking about! Believe me when I say that these literally taste like a cup of hot chocolate. These cookies are super easy and are perfect for those hot chocolate lovers in your life. 

21. 3-Ingredient Candy Cane Oreos

macaron, chocolate, macaroon
Kelly McAdam

If you are looking for a really easy recipe that almost takes no time at all, this is the one for you. You don't even have to bake anything, the most you have to do is a little melting. These are perfect for those last minute holiday party emergencies.

22. Christmas Cornflake Wreath Cookies

Genius Kitchen

These cookies are super scrumptious, and if you've never had them, you've got to make them this year. This super simple recipe comes from Genius Kitchen and these cookies are truly worth a spot on your beloved Christmas Cookie List. 

23. Cranberry Pistachio Avalanche Cookies

popcorn, rice, candy, sweet, goody, chocolate
Claire Tromblee

These no-bake cookies are perfect for a quick and easy recipe for those last minute baking emergencies. Even if you don't like pistachio, these cookies are worth a try, just for the fact that they don't require any baking.

24. Brookies (Brownies +Chocolate Chip Cookies)

chocolate, cookie
Lauren Peller

These aren't your typical holiday cookie recipe, but they are oh-so good that I love to make them year round. These are perfect for those times you can't decide between a chocolate chip cookie and a brownie. This recipe combines two of the best and easiest desserts to make out there. 

25. Cookie Brittle Bites

chocolate, sweet
Hailey Maher

Oh my gosh, these are amazing! They aren't technically cookies, but if all you make is cookies in December you might want to switch it up. This cookie brittle is perfect for bringing that same cookie appeal, but in a different form. 

26. Rugelach Cookies

cinnamon, pastry, jam, sweet
Amanda Shulman

This is a cookie recipe that my grandma used to make all the time when I was a little girl; it was one of her favorites. These are perfect at making you feel all warm and fuzzy, even the coldest of days. They are a must-bake for the holidays, and they'll take you back to those days spent with Grandma.

27. Crunchy Christmas Cookies

chocolate, truffle, sweet, candy, cookie, coconut
Kristi Cook

If you are the type of person who prefers crunchy cookies to chewy cookies, then this recipe is perfect for you. It brings all the yummy flavors of a Christmas cookie but adds that added crunch that we all love. 

28. Jam-Filled Christmas Cookies

Genius Kitchen

These cookies are another that my grandma used to make all the time. I love to make these at Christmas time because they really bring her back into my kitchen after losing her last year. 

29. Christmas Snowball Cookies

Genius Kitchen

If you like nutty, sugary sweet cookies, then these are perfect for you. These cookies combine the perfect amount of nuttiness and sweetness to make the best melt-in-your-mouth Christmas cookies.

30. Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Genius Kitchen

These are my all-time favorite Christmas cookie that my family makes each year. It combines my favorite flavors, chocolate and mint. They're nice and crunchy on the outside but oh, so soft in the center. These cookies have to be added to your cookie list this season. 

31. Soft Snickerdoodle Cookies

Genius Kitchen

Ahh and finally, the beloved snickerdoodles. I love these cookies because they are easy and fun to make. Plus, this recipe gives you a crunchy exterior to the cookie but a soft, chewy center that we all love.

Whether crunchy or chewy, any one of these 31 Christmas cookies will have your family and friends cheering you on for Christmases to come. Bring some of these cookies to your next holiday gathering, and the guests will love you, too... and don't forget to save some for Santa!