I hate those breaks where everyone is traveling except me. Instead of jetting off to the beach or the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, I'm stuck in my hometown. Sure, Libertyville, Illinois is where I grew up, but it can get boring really quickly. Turns out, stay-cations don't have to be all that boring. You just need to put in a little effort and find the right things to do. Here are 21 things to do on spring break if you're not leaving the state. 

1. Go to the movies.

popcorn, sweet, corn, caramel
Sara Carte

Catch up on potential Oscar winners at your local theater. And don't forget the popcorn.

2. Go to grocery stores and sample things.

beer, wine
Zoe Zaiss

Costco, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods—the list goes on. Lots of grocery stores offer free samples. 

3. Try a cuisine that you haven't tried before.

vegetable, curry, rice, meat
Jessica Fedin

Find some new recipes or go out to a new restaurant, and taste something you've never tasted before. Several of my friends haven't tasted Indian food, so I'm holding them accountable to this one. 

4. Go to a museum. 

Brittney Jensen

You have to learn something new every day, but you're not in school over spring break. Therefore, head to a museum near your hometown. Something may blow your mind. 

5. Make a nice dinner with your high school besties.

Helena Lin

If you have some old friends around town who aren't traveling, get together and make a nice dinner. You can bond over food and laugh about all of the embarrassing sh*t you did in high school. 

6. Stargaze.

Nothing's more joyful than the stars. And hey, if it's warm enough, light a fire, make s'mores, and stargaze. 

7. Make a hometown bucket list. 

Caroline Schwarm

There are probably at least a few cafés, restaurants, and touristy things in and around your hometown that you've not tried. Get out there and cross those places off your bucket list and have a memorable stay-cation. 

8. Read a book at a coffee shop.

coffee, espresso, cappuccino
Alex Frank

You probably haven't read anything but a textbook or another required book for class for the last six months. Now's your chance to grab a warm beverage, sit down at your local coffee shop, and read a book of your choosing. 

9. Have a baking day. 

pie, pie making, Baking, pie crust, cherry pie
Julia Gilman

Pies, cakes, cookies, whatever your heart desires. Need I say more? Have a friend, sibling, or parent join you too. 

10. Go bowling or mini-golfing.

Relive your childhood and go bowling or mini-golfing. They are two things you probably don't do often in college, so they're perfect for spring break leisure. 

11. Go to an arcade.

Kirby Barth

There is nothing I love more than the sound of fake lasers, token machines, and tickets rolling out of Skee Ball and Wheel of Fortune. Splurge a little at the nearest arcade and you may win something nice. 

12. Make a recipe collection.

bread, bagel, laptop, computer, cafe, study, breakfast
Denise Uy

Spring break is usually just a week or two, and you'll have to get up on your feet again soon. Take this time to gather up some recipes to make during break, or even in college. This way, you won't be eating the same thing every night. 

13. Go for a hike.

George Thomson

Wake up early to hike, or don't. Either way, try to get some fresh air, experience nature, and get some much-needed exercise. 

14. Learn to make something new. 

toast, bacon, egg, croque madame, bread, ham, sandwich, egg yolk, butter, fried egg
Photo by Lily Chin

Ditch the ramen and microwaveable mac and cheese, and learn to make something new. Cooking isn't always easy, but it isn't always difficult either. Find a recipe that requires few ingredients and minimal effort. Might I suggest these five-ingredient recipes as a starting point? 

15. Play a board game. 

Ditch the iPhone games, gather your friends and family, and play a classic board game like Scrabble or Monopoly. If none of the classics resonate with you, try checking out the newest ones on the shelves at Target. 

16. Plan out your future semester(s).

orange, citrus, studying, notes, taking notes, notebook, textbook, study snack, snack
Jocelyn Hsu

If you're not graduating this year, maybe try to think about what's coming next. It may be scary or boring, but if you have time to yourself, you can take that time to plan out your future semesters. That way, when course enrollment or major declaration time comes around, you won't be overly stressed.

17. Take pictures.

Food Photography, iphone photo, Camera, Instagram, IPhone, foodstagram
Luna Zhang

Perhaps you need a new LinkedIn or Facebook profile pic. Maybe that tree outside your front door looks extra artsy. Possibly, those cupcakes that you bought at your local bakery look extra beautiful. However you decide to take out the camera, do it. 

18. Write or Draw Something.

spam, coffee
Aakanksha Joshi

I always take time to write more articles over break. Try writing or drawing something. Picking up the pencil (and not using it to write your class notes for once) can calm you down and help you relax during your time off. 

19. Shop.

Summer will be here before you know it. Go to the mall or a thrift store and try on a bunch of new outfits. You never know what you might find on sale. 

20. Make a new workout routine.

gym, fitness, cardio, exercise, Health, Exercising, Work Out, working out, indoor gym, Healthy, treadmill, running, run
Denise Uy

Change up your workouts a bit. Try some new exercises. Or, if you don't usually work out, start now. A year from now, you'll wish that you started today.

21. Make a college bucket list. 

grass, pasture
Avery Allen

Towards the end of spring break, you may have this feeling of "I'm bored, but I don't wanna go back to school." Make a list of places you want to eat around your campus, activities you want to participate in, and places you want to take your friends. That way, you can look forward to going back.

Spring break may be viewed as travel, beach, and party time, but it doesn't always have to be. Take time for yourself. Relax, enjoy the world around you, and just remember that you don't have to go to class for an entire week.