Some people may feel pressured to go on a big trip when thinking about Spring Break. But the truth is, just going home and having a stay-cation can be the most beneficial option — for your mental health and your wallet.

Everyone looks forward to spring break coming around because it gives us a time to just breath and have time to take for yourself during a time when the winter blues set in. Even if you might still have work to do, it's deadline free for at least 1 week.

Local Road Trips

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Lindsay Knapp

Everyone knows those touristy sites in your hometown that you never visit. This could be the time to just go see the cool places near you that your home has to offer. This break, I went to see a giant fiddle in Cape Breton while visiting my family. How often do you get to see that? Never, because giant fiddles just aren't very common.

Comfort Food

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Lindsay Knapp

Treat-yo-self this stay-cation. Go to a new restaurant or take time to just enjoy simple things like a great burger. Being home you would have the benefits of home cooked meals as well so definitely soak all of that up. Maybe you can even bring home a months worth of food that your parents made so you don't have to cook.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

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Lindsay Knapp

I've always found getting outside and being active is the most beneficial for my mental health. Even if it's not a hot beach destination, haul on a coat and just get out and explore nature. Maybe you'll even get a tan (or sunburn) just from the sun reflecting off of the snow.

Hit Up The Beach at Home

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Lindsay Knapp

Honestly, who needs white sandy beaches when you have white snowy beaches? Personally, I still love just going for a walk along the beach in the winter because with the sound of the waves and clean ocean air blowing in your face it's still relaxing.

Family Time

Lindsay Knapp

Family is the most important thing everyone has in their life. Take the time to just sit and talk or do your favourite family activity. They are the ones who will always be there no matter what for many of us, our #1 support system.

This stay-cation, get lots of hugs and home cooked meals and that'll be worth more than any $2000 vacay to somewhere sunny.