We’re so close friends. So close to sunny days, floating on the sea and crisp pink skin. To salty hair, sandy feet and yummy snacks. Snacks are essential always, but especially on long beach days.

We surveyed over 70 young adults and found the 11 most popular snacks for eating at the beach.

1. Fruit


Photo courtesy of @the.carb.chronicles on Instagram

72% of those surveyed agreed fruit is a must. I have to agree, its refreshing, sweet and delicious. It doesn’t make you overly bloated and it’s a great hydration method.

2. Ice Cream (specifically from the music-playing-Ice Cream Truck)


Photo courtesy of @bigsweetsicecream on Instagram

48% agreed snacks from these mysterious trucks are a close second to fruit. My go-to is the red, white and blue popsicle rocket or of course a classic, cookie ice cream sandwich. It may not be the best option for bikini season but #YOLO.

3. Sandwiches


Photo courtesy of @bacomercat on Instagram

In third place at 41%, this American classic has about a million variations. During the summer you can find me prepping about 20-30 packed sandwiches for our beach crew, from ham to chicken fingers, honey mustard to grape jelly. I’m an awesome sandwich maker and little sis, might I add.

4. Chips


Photo courtesy of @aubreyapproved on Instagram

To be quite honest this popular side item is very underrated. I love all variations of this awesome snack. So does about a third of our responders, coming in at 4th place at 34%.

If you’re lucky to be from the Northeast, like me, and vacation in Cape Cod, you know Cape Cod Chips (& all variations) are the bomb.com, along with everything else from this excellent region.

5. Frozen Yogurt


Photo courtesy of @kuriboshi on Instagram

Tied at 34% of surveyors, “fro-yo”, is a somewhat recent phonomenon millennials are in-love with. I have to agree, when the first self-serve frozen yogurt place in my town opened, my friends and I visited just about daily.

With the same cooling benefits as ice cream, many prefer it to the ladder because of its health benefits. Eat quickly though, it melts faster!

6. Pretzels

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 4.00.18 PM

Filling, salty and easy to pack. Regular and honey wheat are definitely family favorites. The “Pretzel Chips” are also great for pairing with dips. 29% of surveyors agree they are must-haves.

7. Acai Bowls


Photo courtesy of @activeculture on Instagram

Another recent phonomenon these delicious “thick smoothies” are refreshing, filling and very healthy. They melt much slower than other cold snacks on the list, about a quarter of surveyors prefer them.

8. Cookies


Photo courtesy of @hungryhungarianblog on Instagram

Although many don’t agree this is the best option for bikini season, these delicious treats are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Recently many healthy alternative recipes have made the headlines. A combo of Oreos, classic chocolate chip and sugar wafers made up 24% of the agreeing surveyors.

9. Wraps


Photo courtesy of @kimlgerhardt on Instagram

A healthy alternative to the classic sandwich, wraps are great for packing because they’re usually much smaller. If you’re not a carb person definitely consider packing a veggie and meat filled tortilla before a sandwich roll. Don’t worry about being too judged, 17% of surveyors agree with ya.

10. Candy


Photo courtesy of @lotta_838 on Instagram

From Twizzlers to Skittles, gummy worms to lifesavers. Many enjoy sugary candy to chocolate, or ice cream, especially at the beach because it doesn’t melt and its easy to pack (no cooler or utensils required). 9% of surveyors agree, I personally don’t mind the hassle #chocoholicforeva.

11. Chocolate


Photo courtesy of @jokoweb on Instagram

You’re kidding yourself if a slightly melted bag of M&Ms or Twix bar doesn’t make your mouth water. With the salt in the air, we all need a little sweetness. 6% of our surveyors agree.


Hope you’ll refer to this list when packing up that big tote for long beach days. Happy summer!