For many of us, watching the Oscars every year has become something of a tradition. The thought of seeing who'll take the awards home keeps our eyes glued to the screen, and leaves us on the edge of our seats. We love it for its glamour and the fact that it's so extra but hey, isn't that what the Oscars is all about? Let's all take a moment to appreciate how stunning the dishes at the Vanity Fair 2017 Oscars afterparty looked.

What happens to all of the leftovers?

Actress Frieda Pinto teamed up with Copia, a San Francisco-based company that uses technology to reduce waste and feed communities in need — to ensure all those leftover appetizers, desserts and fancy dishes went to good use. 

Give Me the Details! 

Looking at what Copia achieved during the Oscars weekend alone, imagine what could happened down the road, in a few years? 

Is That It?

Thankfully, Pinto isn't alone in her mission to solve the growing issue of food wastage. World-renowned chef Wolfgang Puck has been in charge of the menu for the Governor's Ball afterparty for the past 23 years, and has partnered up with organisations such as Chefs to End Hunger to deliver leftovers. 

A Win-Win Situation For All


Kyle MacKenzie on Flickr

Every year, restaurants end up wasting tonnes of food, whilst those living in food insecure households go unfed. Uneaten food ends up rotting in landfills, and is the single largest component of solid waste and methane emissions in the US. That's exactly why such initiatives are so great, not only do they use leftovers to feed the hungry, it reduces carbon emissions. 

Let's hope that these generous actions to stop food wastage will spread at many star-studded events to come. 

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