Most Duke students have heard of the unofficial Duke Graduation Requirements— but why aren't there any related to drinking? In case you need more things to add to your senior year bucket list, here are 18 drinks you need to try before graduating.

The Marketplace Screwdriver

Alyssa Carter

Steal one of those funky, wavy cups from Marketplace. Make a Screwdriver using orange juice from Marketplace and Aristocrat. Guaranteed to bring back some not-so-pleasant memories of freshman year.

The Twinnie's Car Bomb

Alyssa Carter

If you didn't know, Twinnie's sells beer. So why not make an Irish Car Bomb with it? Only counts if you make it at an E-Social. Bonus points if you're a Trinity student.

The Bloody Haystack

Alyssa Carter

Like a Bloody Mary, but add some bacon and melted cheese and jalapeño peppers. It sounds gross but it doesn't matter because you'll only drink this when you're already drunk so you'll enjoy the greasy goodness anyway, Pitchforks style.


Brian Chan

Make a rum and coke. Pour it into a fancy glass box. Rename it the RHBCCL for no reason.

The C1

Alyssa Carter

This is pretty much a regular Sangria, except you have to fill your cup mostly with fruit because you're trying to pack as much stuff into a small, confined space as possible!

Vondy's Irish Coffee

Alyssa Carter

Exactly what it sounds like: make an Irish Coffee using the coffee from Vondy (likely Counter Culture). Mix it up and make it iced, if you want!

Sex in the Gardens

Alyssa Carter

Like a Sex on the Beach, but swap out the orange and cranberry juice with Hawaiian Punch Green Berry Rush to give it the green color that will likely get on your clothing if you do actually end up having sex in the gardens.

Frozen Quench-arita

milkshake, tea, cream, chocolate, coffee, milk
Izzi Clark

Inspired by a frozen margarita. Just add tequila and/or triple sec to your favorite Quencher's smoothie. Probably inadvisable to try this after working out.

Duke Construction Iced Tea

Alyssa Carter

Make a Long Island Iced Tea. Make sure you use a metal drinking vessel, and that you fill it mostly with ice. This way, when you drink, the ice and the metal will clink way too loudly and ruin your drinking experience.

The East Campus

Alyssa Carter

Mix beer and wine and vodka. Doesn't make sense? Well, freshmen year didn't make much sense either.

The West Campus Grass Restoration Project

Alyssa Carter

Buy the fanciest glass you can find. Fill it with Baccarat. Keep it on a table at a party, but rope it off because no, you can't drink it but at least it looks pretty and cost a lot.

The "I Studied Abroad"

coffee, red wine, liquor, alcohol, wine
Alex Frank

Bust out your bottle of French wine that you brought back from Europe and reminisce about all of the fun and enlightening experiences that you had while traveling the world. Make sure you're with all of your friends who didn't go abroad to make them jealous.

The "I Didn't Study Abroad"

beer, alcohol, liquor, booze, whisky, wine
Mia Catillo

Bust out your bottle of Barefoot or Yellowtail and listen to your friends who studied abroad talk about all of their amazing experiences. But inside you know that you probably paid less for your wine and it'll make you drunker quicker so that makes it okay?

The Key Three

liquor, juice, ice, cocktail, alcohol
Natsuko Mazany

Take a shot of vodka, whisky and rum consecutively. Yes it's a lot to handle but you have to do it and it is the best. Some might say to include a shot of tequila as well but no, you can't do that because there can only be three, not four.

The BME/Pre-Med

tea, beer
Samantha Sontag

Fill a red solo cup mostly with Everclear. Top it off with your choice of mixer. It will be really difficult and almost impossible to drink, and it will burn your throat and 95% of the people who try the drink will quit but you won't because you're awesome and amazing and you're fine, it's fine, everything is fine.

The Goldman-Sachs

liquor, pouring, glass, Bottle, red wine, wine, alcohol
Caroline Ingalls

Steal a bottle of wine from your dad's wine cellar. Drink through a PVC pipeline. Also known as the JP Morgan, Chase, or the Morgan Stanley. 

The Shooters

Alyssa Carter

Dip a glass into beer (likely Bud Light). Make sure to get your hands all nice and wet too. Fill with literally the cheapest alcohol you can find. Spill some on yourself. Roll up a five dollar bill and use as garnish. Unsatisfying, slippery and gross. 

Are you up to the challenge?