The Great British Bake Off: the most enchanting, delightful, and diplomatic culinary competition shows to ever grace television (and/or #Netflix).

The twinkling music and panoramic pastry views suck you right in, the innuendos keep you chuckling, and before you know it Paul and Mary have become your idols and Mel and Sue your ultimate #friendshipgoals.

Your heart melts when contestants help each other succeed, and before you know it, you're more emotionally invested in a baking show than all of your Tinder relationships combined. 

This show is a masterpiece, and once you start watching, you can't pull yourself away. 

Then, before you know it, you start using GBBO phrases in your daily life, and get your friends hooked on the show too so you can all text late into the night about Italian meringue and SnapChat each other your latest bakes.

Sound relatable? Here are 17 phrases you probably can't stop saying since binge-watching the Great British Bake-off.

Now, on your mark, get set, BAKE!

1. "That's a nice bake."

Never again will you lay eyes on a cake and say "that looks yummy." No, now you refer to it as a "nice bake," or a "lovely bake," because obviously, you're refined now.

2. "Prove" the dough

wheat, milk, dairy product, bread, dough, flour
Rica Beltran

No. Not proof. Prooove that bread dough

3. "Or-a-gAn-o"

whisky, tea, liquor, beer, wine, alcohol
Holly Park

Yeah. That stuff you put on pizza. It's or-a-gAn-o. Duh.

4. "Soggy Bottom"

So many great puns possible. But seriously, nobody likes a wet, soggy bottom layer.

5. "Biscuit"

No, it's not a cookie. It's a biscuit. Duh.

6. "Sponge"

Biscuit is to cookie as sponge is to cake. Now ready the French meringue. 

7. "Cling Film"

What you wrap your leftovers in, of course. What is saran wrap anyway?

8. "Spotted Dick"

No, not a twisted insult. A delightful, spotted pastry, often filled with dried fruit and fresh citrus zest. Aka the tastiest of dicks.

9. "Saucy Puds"

See picture. No further questions.

10. "BAH-sil"

tomato, pizza, mozzarella, basil
Alex Frank

Another thing you put on pizza. Or in your pesto. Say it like you mean it: BAH-Sil. 

11. "Star Baker"

What you call yourself after a good bake, of course.

12. "Scrumptious"

No explanation needed, but since it's Mary Berry's favorite phrase, it's sure to become yours too.

13. "Scon"

pastry, candy, sweet, chocolate
Jessica Sion

Like the 'e' in scone is silent. 

14. "Lovely"

Another phrase you'll start to use more frequently thanks to Paul and Mary

15. "Pudding"

As a synonym for any dessert, not just the cold creamy stuff. #cakescanbepuddingstoo

16. "Essence"

Alternative word for extract. Use it, love it, feel it. 

17. "On your mark, get set, BAKE!"

What you'll say aloud to yourself every time you step into the kitchen to make something sweet.