Everyone loves The Great British Bake Off. It has the recipe for an amazing TV show: two punny hosts, two tough but lovable judges and lifelong lessons

But alas, heaven cannot last for long. This past Monday it was announced that Bake Off will be leaving the BBC and moving to Channel 4. Then our beloved hosts, Mel and Sue, publicly quit as hosts after the current season. 

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The Bake Off community was in shock and horror.

 What will we do without Mel and Sue making fun of Paul? Who will help the new bakers with their Showstopper minutes before times up? Are there going to be . . . *gulp* commercial breaks?' 

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Former Bake Off contestants and British celebrities tweeted in their support for Mel and Sue's decision, while fans started envisioning the future of Bake Off on Channel 4. 

Richard Burr, a finalist in series five, and my personal favorite baker, wrote a whole op-ed in The Washington Post about "what we'll lose when it leaves the BBC." Including "the charm of Bake Off is in its gentleness and it is synonymous with the ethos of the BBC."

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I don't know what happen to Bake Off in the future, but thanks to them I do know how to make a mean Victoria Sponge