The Great British Bake Off is a baking competition based in the UK. Basically, there are 12 bakers on each season that compete in three challenges every weekend, and depending on their performance each weekend, one baker will go home. The judges, Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, are the final deciders on who goes home. At the end, there is one final winner of the show.

I love this show and have ever since I watched the first episode. I'm a big baker and everyone told me to check it out, but a lot of people who know nothing about baking like it just as much. Here's a list of reasons why so many Americans love this show.

1. The camaraderie

If one of the bakers needs a hand lifting their cake out of the pan or moving their showstopper biscuit tower to their tray, someone else will always be there to step in to help. Unlike in other American cooking shows where it's every man for themselves, these bakers are always there for each other.

2. Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry

Although Paul and Mary can definitely be a little harsh, we still love them. They are extremely knowledgeable, very classy, and they give good critique. Given, that can sometimes be very negative critique, or if you're lucky you could do so well as to get a Paul Hollywood handshake. Nonetheless, we'll always love Paul and Mary.

3. Sue and Mel

These two are hilarious, have wonderful puns every weekend, and are always there for the contestants. Whether a baker is having a breakdown and needs a hug or someone needs their icing bag held open, Sue and Mel will be there.

4. The timing

One thing I like about the show is that they give them a small amount of time, but they still give them enough time. They have a minute or two to tell you what they're baking, to make funny comments about whether they're cakes will come out baked, or even sing or dance, who knows.

5. The tent

Ahh, the infamous tent. This is where the bakers bake every one of their challenges. It's in a large field (although I don't know where) and has see-through plastic coverings around the outside. It's always very well lit and refreshing-looking, instead of inside a kitchen with a black color theme, like many more intense American cooking shows.

6. Star baker award

Although they have to let go of one baker every week, they also award star baker to one contestant every week. This makes the show a bit more positive and lighthearted because they are rewarding the best baking instead of only punishing the worst baking.

7. The mood

People are often stressed when they're baking, no doubt, but the mood is still rather lighthearted and fun instead of just stress all the time. People are laughing, making funny faces, and talking between themselves while their dough is rising.

8. The contestants

This is probably my favorite part of the show. Because the competition lasts several weeks, you get close to the participants and start to really like them. Also, they're all such amazing, nice, down-to-earth people who you can usually relate to a lot because they are amateur bakers, not restaurant owners.

9. Diversity of people

The participants include men, women, old, young, black, white, Muslim, Jewish, and more. I think many people would agree that the diversity in Hollywood and American television still has some progress to make, but The Great British Bake Off seems to have it down.

If you're a huge fan of the Food Network, or have never laid eyes on a cooking show, I bet you will like this show. Full of comedy, sass, and delicious-looking food, this show is a no-brainer.