Toh-may-toh or toh-mah-toh? Whichever way you choose to pronounce tomato, it sure is a main ingredient found in ketchup, which is one of everyone's all-time favorite condiments. 

Comprised of a delicious mixture of sweeteners, vinegar, salt, species, flavorings, and of course tomatoes, ketchup is typically used as a relish for french fries.

I personally am a ketchup lover. If you share a love for ketchup  too, you might sometimes have been a little obsessed with including it in foods other than french fries. This is totally acceptable as we should appreciate the versatility of ketchup and ingenious ways to use this tomato-filled condiment in everyday dishes.

1. Sauces (ex. Barbecue)

Ketchup is already a sauce by itself, but using it as an ingredient in a variety of savory sauces can make your meals even more delicious.

2. Avocado

What a great way to get your fruit servings for the day as both avocado and the tomatoes in ketchup are fruits. This dish is so easy to put together and will sure impress guests. 

3. Popcorn 

Craving some ketchup and popcorn? Squirt a generous portion of ketchup on the side or simply grab some butter, sugar, ketchup and bake them with popcorn to create your own ketchup popcorn. 

4. Scrambled Eggs

vegetable, sauce
Jennifer Cao

According to Buzzfeed, 54% of people put ketchup on their eggs. Eggs are a rich source of protein and might be a fairly popular choice to complement with the ripe tomato flavor in ketchup. 

5. In Rice (ex. Omurice)

Ketchup in this everyday dish will sure please anyone with a sweet and savory palate. As ketchup adds flavor to the blandness of rice, you can always toss in some vegetables or fold the rice into a layer of egg topped with ketchup. 

6. In Noodles (ex. Spaghetti Neapolitan and Pad Thai)

This might shock some Italians and their love for pasta. But seasoning ketchup in noodles makes this a quick, easy comfort meal.  

7. A Sandwich

Basically, ketchup on bread. It's filling, addictive upon first bite, and pretty great for a quick snack. 

8. Pigskins in a Blanket aka Mini Hot Dogs

Kim Clemons

What a delicious and adorable appetizer for any event. Upgrade this classic, savory snack by including ketchup in the recipe.

9. Mashed Potatoes/ Potato Chips/ All Potato Derivatives

We eat fries with ketchup, and fries are made of potatoes. Believe it or not, all potato derivatives seem to follow this eating with ketchup memo. Excellent. 

10. Sweet Potato

Katherine Baker

Potato and sweet potato are only distantly related. Compared to the taste of regular potato, sweet potato is definitely sweeter. Bring ketchup into the picture here and you find that it really pairs well with sweet potato. What a sweet yet savory treat. 

11. Mac and Cheese Fries

chicken, sauce, meat, tempura
Duncan Brady

Ketchup in this everyday dish adds different flavors to the mix. Once you try ketchup with mac and cheese, you'll never go back. 

12. Grilled cheese with ketchup when tomato soup is not around

Tosti with cheese / food / simple recipes photo by Daria Nepriakhina (@epicantus) on Unsplash

Unsplash on unsplash

Why serve the traditional bowl of tomato soup with your grilled cheese when you can have the sweet, cool ketchup instead? This version of grilled cheese is perfect for cutting back some time as you still can taste the perfect blend of bread, cheese, and tomato in ketchup.

13. Shrimp

Some keys to a great shrimp dish are fresh shrimp and ketchup. The succulently sweet shrimp meat has a even more well-balanced flavor when it is cooked with ketchup. 

14. Minced Beef/ Meatloaf

cereal, wheat, corn, buckwheat, groats, sweet, coffee, porridge
Helena Lin

Using ketchup in this everyday dish brings the tender, savory meat bites to the next level. A simple, delicious meal to make for dinner anytime. 

15. Vegetables (ex. Carrots)

Jennifer Cao

Who knew you could mix vegetables and ketchup? Here's to making your vegetables more satisfying and more fun to eat.

16. Ice Cream

Surprisingly, ketchup ice cream was made because of Ed Sheeran's love for his favorite condiment Heinz Ketchup. Thoughts on trying an ice cream scope of this condiment?

17. Cake

Step aside, red velvet cake. If you are a fan of ketchup and cake, you will not be disappointed and will love this super bold dessert choice.

More than just a popular condiment, ketchup is such a versatile ingredient to include in meals and desserts, ranging from noodles to ice cream. Let's continue to ketchup on our obsession with this relish in everyday dishes