Yogurt is the perfect snack or breakfast, and you can never go wrong with the classic yogurt and granola combo. However, I've found countless more yogurt uses that go beyond the traditional parfait, and just as many reasons why you should be eating more yogurt. 

Yogurt is not only incredibly versatile, but it's also really good for you. The high amount of protein in yogurt will keep you full throughout the day. By adding yogurt to any dish, you'll find yourself more satiated at the end of your meal or snack. Different types of yogurt have different protein levels, with skyr and Greek yogurt having the highest amount. Yogurt is full of nutrients that promote general health. It contains calcium, B-Vitamins, and potassium, along with several other nutrients.

#SpoonTip: When you're looking for a yogurt brand, make sure to look at the labels to pick a brand that is lower in sugar and higher in protein. Also, double check the flavor you purchase, the last thing you'd want in vanilla yogurt when you meant to buy plain. 

By eating yogurt more often, you're fueling your body properly. Yogurt easily be eaten with just granola, but it can also be used in sweet or savory dishes. All you need to do is stock up on some yogurt, and get cooking. 

1. Toast 

Tired of nut butter or avocado on toast? Try yogurt instead. Yogurt is the perfect base for any topping. I love to add fruit, a drizzle of nut butter, honey, or chia seeds on top of my vanilla-yogurt spread.

2. Muffins 

This is one of my favorite yogurt uses. After testing many different ingredients, Cooks Illustrated shared in The Best Recipe Cookbook that yogurt made the fluffiest muffin. They weren't wrong, and I no longer make muffins without yogurt. I've found that it makes the muffin taste better in every way, and muffins taste better without a glaze or frosting on top when I use yogurt in the batter.

3. Smoothies  

blueberry, smoothie, yogurt, berry
Jessica Farber

Adding yogurt to your smoothie is so much better than adding ice or milk. This makes for a creamier drink and adds more protein. If you're looking to replace a meal with a smoothie, yogurt has you covered. Individually-packaged yogurts are great for this, because all you need to do is scrape out all the yogurt and recycle the container.

4. Lemon-Yogurt Tzatziki Dip 

Yogurt makes for a lighter and healthier dip. I recommend Siggi's yogurt because it has a particular tang that I enjoy. A dip like this will go with any veggie or cracker to make for a great snack. 

5. Mac and Cheese 

Putting your yogurt in mac and cheese may seem weird, but like with many other dishes, adding yogurt makes for a creamier and healthier dish than when you just add cream or milk. 

6. Yogurt Bark

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Maria Serghiou

Yogurt bark is the healthy alternative to your typical chocolate bark, but that doesn't mean you can't still get your chocolate fix. This yogurt bark mixes chocolate, banana, and granola to make a sweet treat for any time of day. You can add any toppings you'd like to get your creative juices flowing.

7. Chicken Salad

rice, avocado, egg
lauren feld

Yogurt is the perfect way to lighten up your chicken salad without ruining the flavor. Just add the yogurt like you would normally add mayo. Not only does this make a lighter dish, but it also adds even more protein. This substitution also works well for egg or tuna salads. 

8. Frozen Yogurt  

sweet, cream, cake, dairy product, pastry
Lexi Morrison

There's nothing better than froyo, but paying for it can get expensive. By making your own, you'll save some money and have room to get creative with your flavors. Start off with a base of yogurt and a sweetener, and from there you can add anything your heart desires. 

9. Salad Dressing 

This healthy honey mustard salad dressing is an amazing addition to any salad. It is perfect for springtime with the bright color and flavors. This is a healthier version than your typical honey mustard dressing because just like with the chicken salad, mayo is replaced with yogurt. 

10. Marinate Meat

Yogurt is probably one of the best ways to marinate your meat. As your meat is marinating, the yogurt tenderizes it, which makes for a better bite. You can easily make for marinade more flavorful than just plain yogurt by adding any kind of spices and herbs.

11. Yogurt Rice (Curd Rice) 

Most people don't typically think of adding yogurt to their rice, but it's a popular Indian dish. It's a savory dish, but there are many different ways to create it. The basic idea is that you cook the rice, mix in yogurt, and then milk. 

12. Creamy Avocado Dip 

vegetable, guacamole, herb
Mary Schoneman

Think guac, but creamier and lighter. This dip can go with anything: carrots, chips, even on sandwiches. Just like with guac, this recipe is easy to mess around with to make it your own. Want to add tomato? Go for it. Want to make it spicy? Do it.

13. Cheesy Spinach Artichoke Dip Matzah 

If you want to get a little fancier with your yogurt creations, this is the perfect way to do it. Yogurt is a great addition to spinach artichoke dip on its own, but it is even better when put on matzah. You have your dip and chips all in one. 

14. Frozen Yogurt Blueberry Bites 

sweet, cream, milk, dairy product, ice, blueberry, yogurt, chocolate, dairy
greta dylus

Frozen yogurt blueberries are the perfect healthy snack for the summer. You can fulfill your sweet craving without having to break out the ice cream. These are so easy to make, all you need are three ingredients, and the freezer does the rest of your work.

15. Overnight Oats 

Annie Lee

Some people make overnight oats with milk, but adding yogurt makes for a creamier breakfast. Overnight oats are portable and super versatile, so feel free to switch up your toppings each day.

Sick of that yogurt and granola parfait? No problem. Yogurt is truly a magical ingredient, and there are tons of recipes you can try out. These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg for all of the things you can do with yogurt.