Sure, Valentine's Day can draw up some crazy emotions that require eating massive quantities of sugar to take the edge off. But, these truffle recipes are so good, you'll find yourself whipping up a batch to remind you how single you are year-round-- great, right?

1. Extra-Easy 3-Ingredient Chocolate Truffles

cookie, cake, goody, candy, sweet, chocolate
Mimi Takano

This recipe is dangerously easy. With just three ingredients and 20 minutes of prep, you can make these chocolate truffles literally anywhere (including your dorm on V-Day while you watch The Notebook alone). Just pick your favorite topping and get rolling. 

2. Oreo Cheesecake Truffles

milk chocolate, coffee, candy, cream, sweet, milk, chocolate
Christine Pritula

Skip the long wait and crying children at Cheesecake Factory and make these truffles reminiscent of their "Oreo Dream Extreme" slice instead.

3. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Truffles

sweet, cereal, wheat, tofu, cracker
Max Bartick

Being an adult means turning childish cereals into fancy bite-sized desserts. Being an adult also means not having to share your dessert with anyone. 

4. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Truffles

milk, pastry, cake, cream, goody, candy, sweet, chocolate
Maggie Gorman

The only couple you should be thinking about on Valentine's day is chocolate and peanut butter-- a true match made in heaven

5. Vegan Chocolate Truffles

cake, candy, sweet, chocolate
Julia Maguire

Because vegans have feelings, too. Try topping these truffles with these popular snack foods that you probably didn't know were vegan.

6. Pop-Tarts Cheesecake Truffles

cream, cake, sweet, candy, chocolate
Arden Sarner

These Pop-Tarts truffles can be made with any flavor of Pop-Tarts you desire. Use the ones suggested in the recipe or any of the top flavors we ranked

7. Microwave Momofuku Birthday Cake Truffles

sweet, chocolate
Alvin Zhou

Now you can have Momofuku truffles whenever you want. I repeat, NOW YOU CAN HAVE MOMOFUKU TRUFFLES WHENEVER YOU WANT. Who needs a relationship now?

8. Healthy Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles

cocoa, sweet, milk, candy, truffle, chocolate
Emily Hu

Anything with avocado in it is healthy, right? Try making these truffles after the avocado shortage resolves itself. 

9. Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie Truffles

cream, chocolate, cake
Pauline Wizig

I don't know who decided to make Girl Scout cookie season coincide with Valentine's Day, but I love them. Make these Thin Mint truffles before your winter stock runs out. 

10. Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Truffles

beet, candy, cream, red velvet cake, berry, chocolate, sweet
Hana Ezaldein

Vegans can also rejoice in the classic Valentine's Day pairing of raspberry and chocolate with these fancy truffles. 

11. Almond Joy Truffles

truffle, sweet, candy, chocolate
Emily Daniel

These truffles are a healthier spin on the classic Halloween candy that our moms all loved stealing from our stash. With wholesome ingredients like dates and oats, you might even be able to get away with eating them for breakfast. 

12. Red Velvet Oreo Truffles

sprinkles, sweetmeat, berry, pastry, goody, strawberry, cream, chocolate, cake, sweet, candy
Meredith Ross

Nothing says Valentine's Day quite like red velvet. Bonus: challenge yourself to consume all of the truffles in less time than it took you to make them (15 minutes). How romantic. 

13. Samoa Girl Scout Cookie Truffles

cake, sweetmeat, milk, cream, sweet, candy, chocolate
Katherine O'Malley

Thin Mints not your thing? Make these Samoa truffles and honor Spoon's #1 ranking Girl Scout cookie

14. Healthy Salted Caramel Truffles

cheesecake, brownie, chocolate, butter, peanut butter, peanut
Katherine Baker

Another healthy option for a luxurious Valentine's Day treat: salted caramel date truffles. This means you can eat 10 and still say you're sticking to your New Year's resolutions. 

15. Lucky Charms Truffles

sweet, rice, candy
Max Bartick

Careful-- if you make these truffles, you might have some people after yer Lucky Charms... At least you might have some company then.