You made some questionable decisions last night. Maybe you drunk-dialed a former fling, pulled an Irish Exit, or slapped the bag one too many times. It's okay, it happens to the best of us. But just because you weren't exactly the best version of yourself doesn't mean you deserve to suffer a wicked hangover the morning after. 

Toss on some sweatpants, brush your teeth, and make your way to one of these next-level hangover cure restaurants to make last night a distant (albeit foggy) memory. 

1. Jaco Juice & Taco Bar in Washington, D.C. (Georgetown University)

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Hailey Maher

There are two types of hangovers: the ones where you swear to only drink green juice for the rest of your life, and the ones where you really want something with more grease than your middle school self’s forehead. But no matter how you handle the morning after, you can find something at Jaco to bring you back to life. Plus, the sunny, California-inspired atmosphere helps you to (almost) forget your pounding headache.

What to Order: If you’re the BEC hangover type, embrace your true self with the aptly-named Hot Mess burrito, which packs sausage, potatoes, onions, and cheese into an egg-filled tortilla. But if you’re desperate for a detox, order a Mean Green juice.

Courtesy of Hailey Maher

2. Rhett's in Boston, MA (Boston University)

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Dunkin' Donuts doesn’t have the same stuff-your-face appeal when you’re headed to CAS and need a huge breakfast to combat last night’s decisions. Rhett’s serves up meals all day long in the food court of the GSU but are most famous for their breakfast. One of the fraternities on campus even hosts a charity event every year that asks competitors to complete the Rhett’s Challenge, so you know it’s decadent fare.

What to Order: From pancakes to subs, you’ll be satisfied with the portions at Rhett’s. A fan favorite includes the Breakfast Combo #1. For $6 it gets you a large coffee and a sandwich (egg, choice of meat, cheese on a bagel).

Courtesy of Kristine Mahan

3. Agate Alley in Eugene, OR (University of Oregon)

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Photo courtesy of @spoon_uoregon on Instagram

Agate Alley is undefeated when it comes to hangover brunch on the weekends because of their famous Bloody Mary bar. Along with wonderful cocktails is a selection of Benedict’s that will cure any hangover blues.

What to Order: Make the Bloody Mary of your dreams to go with a smoked salmon Benedict and some crispy hash browns.

Courtesy of Sheridan Smith 

4. Mr. J's Bagels and Deli in Harrisonburg, VA (James Madison University)

bagel, cheese, sandwich, bacon
Photo courtesy of @travelingwithiris on Instagram

Not much else can cure that nauseating headache you have after a night of dancing and slamming back can after can like a bagel from Mr. J’s. Bless up for multiple locations: if you need a bacon, egg and cheese ASAP, then drive the extra distance because you won’t have much of a crowd. If you don’t mind shouting, bumping, and running into people you know (basically a hungover soul’s nightmare), then head on over the Mr. J’s on E. Market.

What to Order: An everything bagel with taylor ham, egg, and cheese. Duh.

Courtesy of Camille Weber

5. Julian's in Providence, RI (Johnson & Wales University)

cheese, sandwich, bacon, cheddar
Nicole Alberta

If you can manage to make it there, Julian’s will please your eyes as much as it does your stomach. The walls are covered in artwork including the bathroom’s display of Pez candy dispensers, and the plates are absolutely gorgeous.

What to Order: Shakshuka (two eggs poached in spicy tomato stew, with lemon tahini and fresh parsley) with home fries and garlic bread (pictured above) and a bloody mary.

Courtesy of Nicole Alberta

6. Halal Bros. in Austin, TX (University of Texas at Austin) 

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Photo courtesy of @jeannelovesyoo on Instagram

There are a lot of bars in Austin (looking at you, Dirty Sixth) which means hangovers are a common occurrence at UT. Never fear, though, because Halal Bros has your back. Originally just a food truck on 6th Street, they became so popular that they opened a brick-and-mortar so people could get their halal fix every day of the week.

What to Order: The best bang for your buck is either the lamb or chicken over rice (you can also get it as a combo). You can also order homemade hummus and pita on the side if you need a little extra something to get you through the day.

Courtesy of Taylor Choi

7. Merry Ann's Diner in Champaign, IL (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Kristen Yang

Merry Ann’s Diner is a legendary stop in the Champaign-Urbana community. It is an exemplary producer of greasy, fried, filling breakfast food. Besides the fact that their menu is pretty standard (and doesn’t include any unique specialty dishes), I’m surprised this place hasn’t been featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. This is the perfect place to go to after a night out when your stomach needs a substantial meal to soak up that gross, flavored Burnett’s vodka.

What to Order: Tell your server to bring you the #5, the Diner Stack, which is hash browns topped with cheese, hamburger or sausage patties, two eggs, and then smothered with delicious sausage gravy.

Courtesy of Lauren Eiden

8. Jack's Cafe in Charleston, SC (College of Charleston)

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Kristen Kornbluth

Jack’s is the only real diner downtown, and it’s a good thing that it’s essentially on campus. Students and Charleston families alike love this place for its great breakfast food that magically cures all hangovers.

What to Order: Kitchen Sink Grits, pictured above, which is just a bowl of grits with every veggie they have on hand, breakfast meats, cheese, and an egg. If you’re feeling ambitious (and really hungover), get the Hangover Cure, which is two eggs, two pancakes, toast, bacon, ham, or sausage, home fries or grits, and a side of sausage gravy. Good luck.

Courtesy of Kristen Kornbluth

9. Aloha Vietnamese Food in Honolulu, HI (University of Hawai’i at Mānoa)

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Photo courtesy of @ka5ch from Instagram

You wouldn’t believe what a nice, piping-hot bowl of pho can do for your pounding headache and churning stomach after a long night out. Aloha Vietnamese Food will have you back on your feet for class in no time.

What to Order: Their brisket and sirloin pho is just right when you’re not feeling a heavy meal. Add Sriracha or plum sauce for flavor and jalapeños to open your sinuses.

Courtesy of Alyssa Nurre and Erin Kushamaejo

10. Triple XXX in Lafayette, IN (Purdue University)

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Sheila Han

No matter what you think of Triple XXX, no self-respecting Purdue dining guide would be complete without it. Most people think of it as the famous burger joint, but they’re actually perfect as a morning breakfast spot. They open at 5:30 in the morning and the only way you can get a spot in the tiny diner is if you show up way before the lunch rush. Make a stop at the ATM if you blew all your cash the night before, no plastic accepted here.

What to Order: Combine the best their all day breakfast menu has to offer and order the Nick Hardwick Special. It comes with the classic breakfast staples: two eggs, bacon, and toast, but with their perfectly indulgent gravy over potatoes.

Courtesy of Elena Bailoni

11. Jacks 'n' Joes in Los Angeles, CA (University of Southern California

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Photo courtesy of JackieBella K. on Yelp

If you had a little too much fun last night and you’re in recovery mode the morning after, Jack’s ‘n’ Joes is the solution to your problem. The best part? They serve breakfast all day so no matter what time you finally decide to roll out of bed, you can still get exactly what you want.

What to Order: In the realm of pancakes, my favorite is the “Pudgy Elvis” which comes with peanut butter, bananas and is sprinkled with powdered sugar. They also have the “Fight On” which includes pancakes served with bacon in the mix. Need I say more?

Courtesy of Sammy Solomon

12. Winslow's Home in St. Louis, MO (Washington University in St. Louis)

cheese, bacon, meat
Grace Lee

What better time than after a night of drinking to enjoy a hearty homemade brunch inside an adorable little store/restaurant just down the street from the 40? Winslow’s is a cute, homey spot with a menu that changes seasonally (and sometimes more frequently than that), but always includes delicious brunch classics like quiches, omelets, egg scrambles and fancy toasts. There’s something for both adventurous and conservative brunch eaters, making this spot perfect for your whole crew of party friends. The super fresh ingredients, protein-packed dishes and full coffee menu are sure to cure any hangover.

What to Order: If you’ve got a sweet tooth, be sure to pick up one of Winslow’s signature giant chocolate chip cookies or unique goat cheese cookies.

Courtesy of Erica Sloan

13. Ivy Provisions in Charlottesville, VA (University of Virginia)

Photo courtesy of @spoon_virginia on Instagram

We’ve made it our mission this school year to try every sandwich on the menu at Ivy Provisions, and it’s an extensive list. So far, we haven’t been disappointed by any of them, but the breakfast sandwiches are always our go-to. They also have a deli with awesome pre-made soups and salads that are great for lunch or dinner during the busy school week.

What to Order: Any of the breakfast sandwiches, which are guaranteed to cure the nastiest of hangovers. If you’re a purist, go with The Regular: bacon, white cheddar and egg on a buttermilk biscuit. If you like to mix it up, order The Rock (our personal fave), a biscuit filled with sausage, egg, white cheddar, apple and dijon mustard.

#SpoonTip: Breakfast sandwiches are served all day.

Courtesy of Bridget Inglima and Bridget Muckian

14. Maison Mathis in New Haven, CT (Yale University)

cheese, balsamic, egg, salad
Nicole Laszlo

While there are many ways to cure a hangover, the most enjoyable way to fix the spins is with eggs. Luckily, Belgian café Maison Mathis has you covered. From sandwiches and omelettes to quiches and croque madames, you are sure to find eggy solace in your brunch here. Maison Mathis also has insane Belgian waffles if you’d rather sleep off your hangover with a sugar coma.

What to Order: You can’t go wrong with the egg, bacon, and fromage crispy roll—it’s basically a fancy BEC. Craving something sweet? Get the Belgian waffle with house-made Belgian chocolate sauce. It’s out of this world (or at least this continent).

Courtesy of Nicole Laszlo

15. Angelo's in Ann Arbor, MI (University of Michigan)

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Photo courtesy of @spoon_michigan on Instagram

Nothing says “I shouldn’t have taken that last shot” like strolling into Angelo’s on a Saturday morning in uniform, and by uniform, I mean sweatpants and the shirt you wore out the night before (subject to change if there’s puke on it, let’s use some discretion here, okay?) Between the greasy home fries, the giant omelets, and the infamous raisin toast (only available by the stack-load – single slices are not an option), you’ll forget about your throbbing headache just as easily as you forgot about drunk texting your ex last night.

What to Order: If you’re really hating yourself from the night before, do yourself a solid and get the deep-fried french toast – it’s a dessert disguised as breakfast with the power to fix anything. Buuuut, if your hangover cravings are more on the savory side, you can’t go wrong with the make your own omelet, it’s an order that gives you the liberty to choose, a liberty that alcohol often makes less feasible.

Courtesy of Becca Soverinsky