The Kardashian and Jenner sisters are known for being over-the-top at times. You can't argue that. But, when it comes to food, there are moments from the show, social media, and talk show appearances that rank among some of their most iconic. Each sister has their own unique diet and exercise routine with individual food quirks, yet it only seems to make them more famous. This list could go on and on, but here are 15 of the most iconic Kardashian food moments. 

1. That time when Kourtney and Kendall got tipsy at a wine tasting

It's about savoring the flavor, not getting tipsy off each choice. Kendall and Kourtney, however, took the wine tasting to their advantage, and became a little tipsier with the next glass down. Khloé, also in attendance, was not on the same level as her sisters, but was able to watch them live their best lives. Definitely one of their more iconic moments. 

2. When Kourtney ate her placenta

This one either grossed you out or intrigued you, depending on what side you are on. Supposedly, eating placenta is really good for mothers who have just given birth, and Kourtney was on board to trying such an idea. Not only did Kourt try the placenta, but inspired Kim to try as well. 

3. When Khloé Showed us How She Organizes her Cookies

It seemed as if the world blew up when Koko released the video on her YouTube channel showing her unique way to organize cookies. Not only is it beautiful and aesthetically appealing, but it's just as extra as the Kardashians.  

4. The food fight at Kylie's new house

You aren't really siblings if you don't fight, right? Well, take it from the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Kylie bought a new home, and to break it in, Kourt and Khloé started a food fight, not only getting themselves messy, but dirtying the new home. Kylie was upset, but the whole thing was broadcasted on her snapchat story for all to see. Clearly, a new home needs a food fight and a Kardashian food fight is nothing less than iconic. 

5. The time Kris published a cookbook (and subsequently edited Gordon Ramsay's a lot)

Everyone's favorite momager needs to have some success of her own. Kris decided to publish her own cookbook and share the inside scoop on the way that she cooks for the family. The instagram above became famous for its photoshop fail, but definitely brought attention to the release of Kris' hard work. It's iconic because Gordon Ramsay... Need I say more?

6. Kim's photoshoot with champagne for Paper Magazine

#BreaktheInternet, am I right? None other than Kim K would be able to pose for such a picture, attempting for people to try and recreate the pic in the same way. Although this may not be the image that "broke" the internet, it caused a lot of controversy and clearly Kim, a black dress, and champagne call for a memorable image. 

7. When Kylie shared her Ramen recipe with the world

If you don't follow Kylie on Snapchat, what are you doing with your life? No, I'm just kidding, but getting the behind the scenes on Kylie Cosmetics definitely has its perks. Being the social media mogul that she is, anything that she shares on social media blows up everywhere, even her ramen recipe. Obviously, people had to try it, and apparently, it's not that bad. 

8. When They Ate Popeye's on a Private Jet

Squad. Goals. It seems unlikely that anyone in the family would eat fast food as each sister boasts their own individual diets, but Popeyes is an exception. If you aren't eating Popeyes on a private jet, are you even famous? Leave it to the Kardashians to exemplify the best way to eat in the sky.

9. Kourtney's Kit Kat Tutorial

Who knew that there was a particular way to eat a Kit Kat? Apparently Kourt has a very specific way of eating this candy and shared it with the world. Not only does she completely break the candy apart, but she also eats the wafer separate from the chocolate. Her tutorial got a lot of criticism. 

10. Kim's best friend Jonathan Cheban (aka Foodgod) dropped gold-coated chicken wings

OK, not necessarily a Kardashian, but Jonathan Cheban is Kim's best friend, and a total foodie. Just when we thought the gold food trend was done, Foodgod decided to come up with his own creation by dropping gold covered chicken wings at the Ainsworth in NYC last month. Just what the world needed. 

11. When Khloé and Kim smashed cakes over Kris's head to get revenge

If you watch KUWTK, you would know that Kris picks favorites amongst her kids, or at least it can seem like it. Vying for that top spot, Kim and Khloé bought her lavish gifts and tried to out buy each other to be the favorite, only to find out that she was playing the both of them for gifts. When Kim and Khlo found this out, they took turns smashing cake on their moms head. Who said revenge isn't sweet?

12. Khloé and Kim's food binge before starting a diet

Khloé and Kim's diets, like almost everything else they do, have been know to be a little over the top. This experience was no different. The two seem to eat candy and sweets in moderation throughout the rest of the show and their diets though, so this "food binge" was possibly just for the cameras. 

13. When Kendall appeared on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" and drank bird saliva

Kendall, Khloé, and Kim have all appeared on the "Spill Your Guys or Fill Your Guts" segment on James Corden's show. Basically he asks questions that are semi-revealing in terms of gossip or personal habits and either you answer the question or eat the gross food in front of you. Kendall's segment was the best because she not only ranked the names of Kim's kids, but also drank bird saliva. Ummm, gross!

14. That time when Kim flew to NOLA for beignets

Kim shares her life on social media, but you already knew that. When she shared her pregnancy cravings, especially one for a beignet, it only makes sense that she would fly to NOLA to get the fried treat from the famous Café du Monde. I mean, they are amazing, so could you blame her?

15. Oh, and of course, the salads

The most iconic thing on this list has to be the many bowls of salad eaten on the show and shown all over social media. You recognize the large bowls filled with leafy greens and the eating technique as to not to smudge your lipstick while eating. The Kardashians are basically the walking advertisements for salads, and you can even get them yourself from a place called Health Nut.