There are many types of foodies in the world, and some care about certain things more than others. You undoubtedly have at least one friend who is properly obsessed with drinking culture (if not yourself), so here's a boozy gift guide of holiday delights for people who love the finer imbibes of life.

1. White Girl Wine

The nectar of the gods is truly the hallmark of a good holiday party. It doesn't even matter if your friend isn't #basic, they'll love this California rosé. The fact that this wine exists is a gift in and of itself.

2. Cute Glasses

Sip in style with these festive tumblers. If that isn't a healthy serving of wine, I don't know what is.

3. Beer Road Race

Sign them up for a beer run. No, this doesn't mean make them go out to the liquor store and buy beer for you. Find a local race that's sponsored by a brewery and you're guaranteed to get a free brew afterwards. Beer actually has some great post-workout benefits. If you're good at drinking beer (who isn't?), try your luck at a beer olympics.

4. Craft Cocktail Kit

Holidays mean travel, long lines, hectic shopping malls, and of course, lots of family parties. You're guaranteed to need something to take the edge off. For the mixed drink connoisseur, get your friend (or yourself) a craft cocktail kit.

5. Cocktail Shake

Shaken or stirred? With a cocktail shaker set, your friend will up his or her mixed drink game to a whole new level. If they're really trying to be legit, buy them a whole set of cocktail tools.

6. Drinking Games

The holidays mean lots of quality time with extended family. The solution: lots of alcohol. Buy your friend a drinking game or two and join in to make the holidays less small talk and more fun.

7. Personalized Champagne Bottle

Odds are, you don't have enough money to buy your friend a personal @champagnepapi concert. But if champagne is their favorite alcohol then they're guaranteed to like any bougie gift, like this personalized champagne bottle

8. Scarf Flask 

There's nothing better to warm you up in the cold weather than a cozy (alcohol-filled) scarf. You can smuggle your alcohol many different ways, and each and every one make a funny and useful gift. 

9. BACtrack

Apple watch meets breathalyzer. Unfortunately, this device doesn't back track what you did that night, but at least it helps you stay safe.

10. Boozy Movie Ticket

Nothing beats sitting down at the movies with a big tub of...alcohol. Buy tickets to a movie at one of these theaters so your friend can view and brew. 

11. Kombrewcha

Kombucha contains a little bit of alcohol, but not enough to get you buzzed. Statisfy your microbiome and your desire for alcohol in one delicious drink. This Kombrewcha contains both healthy bacteria for your gut as well as more alcohol than regular kombucha. 

12. Alcoholic Ice Cream

Get the best of both worlds with Tipsy Scoop, an alcohol-infused ice cream. I can't imagine a better Friday night. 

13. Brewery Tour

Almost every brewery offers tours, and you're guaranteed to sample all types of delicious brews. Bonus if you leave with a home brewing kit.

14. Bloody Mary Mix

Give your friend some bloody Mary mix and a nice bottle of vodka. If you're feeling extra generous, maybe throw in an assortment of hot sauces for them to experiment with. 

15. Water

If you've made it through this entire list, you're either really desperate for a gift and/or your friends are borderline alcoholics. No matter the gift, throw in a bottle of water to help them cure the impending hangover.