You’ve probably heard of Kombucha by now, the fermented tea your hipster friends rave about with all of its antioxidants and vitamins. Just wait until they get their hands on Kombrewcha, the new organic brew soon to be replacing PBR everywhere- you didn’t actually like PBR, did you?

Kombrewcha is essentially Kombucha that has been fermented longer to increase the alcohol content. According to the company, it’s, ” A new kind of brew that you can indulge in without compromise and with just enough alcohol to get you tickled, not pickled.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Kombrewcha may have a lower alcohol content than regular beer (only 2%), but it is entirely organic. Plus, its only sweetener is pure agave nectar, so it has far fewer calories than beer but is just as refreshing and drinkable. It even comes in four fruity flavors (Original, Lemongrass Lime, Royal Ginger and Blackberry Hibiscus) all of which are irresistibly sweet and tangy.

For now the brew is only available in New York and Connecticut in stores such as Whole Foods and Fairway. But as the brand gains popularity, it will most likely make its way across the country and into the hands of hipsters everywhere. For now though, you can say you knew about it before it was cool.

To learn more about the brew and find out where you purchase it, check out their website here.

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