There are two ways of cleaning: the practical way and the creative-genius way. Vodka just happens to fall under the latter. 

Surprisingly, using vodka as a cleaning tool is a rather popular way of doing things. Most people already have the alcoholic beverage, so why not continue to expand the great potential that vodka possesses?

According to Live Science, in order to create vodka, "you must ferment any foodstuff that contains sugar or starch, then distill the product to increase its alcohol content." However, most of the vodka you see today is made from "fermented grains, such as sorghum, corn, rice, rye or wheat, though you can also use potatoes, fruits or even just sugar."

Vodka is a cheap non-toxic way to clean. Unlike vinegar or other cleaning household items, vodka does not have an odor and therefore won't fill your home with an overwhelming bleach or lingering lemon scent.

1. Deodorizing

Vodka can be used to deodorize certain items in your home, like clothing, shoes, a couch, or other furniture. Simply pour vodka into a spray bottle and get to work.

2. Cleaning glass

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Christin Urso

Vodka helps to wipe away dirt, dust, and other germ-related nuisances. Also, it doesn't leave streaks on the glass.

3. Cleaning your jewelry

Allowing your jewelry to sit in a bath of vodka could help rid it from germs and bacteria that it have gathered throughout the day. 

4. Mouthwash

By adding cinnamon or spearmint to vodka, you've got your own homemade mouthwash. 

5. Removing sticky labels

Using vodka is a life saver in avoiding the awful task of having the sticky crud accumulate underneath your nails. Skip the hassle and dab some vodka on a rag to wipe off those labels.

6. Stain remover

Vodka can be used on oil-based or wine stains. Things like grass, ink, lipstick, or any other oil-based products can be soaked in vodka and only require minimal scrubbing.

7. Disinfect a mattress

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Jami Harrison

Since most of us don't take our mattresses in for a cleaning or buy brand-new mattresses in general, the best we can do is disinfect. Spray the mattress with vodka, wait for it to dry, and then make your "brand-new" bed.

8. Wash away soap scum

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Athena Huynh

Pour the vodka into a spray bottle and spray on the affected areas. Let this set for a short while and wipe away. Bam. No more soap scum.

9. Linen spray

Since vodka does not have an odor, you can add your own favorite essential oils to vodka in a spray bottle. This will help both sterilize and keep your linens smelling nice.

10. General cleaner

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Alex Frank

Vodka can be used on a variety of surfaces, for example, wiping down the counters in the kitchen, dusting off the shelves, or cleaning parts of the bathroom. Be creative.

11. Cutting the grease

Jocelyn Hsu

Grease can be a pain to remove. It will likely just spread on the surface, making it more difficult to clean. Luckily, vodka is able to cut through the grease, leaving no additional mess behind.

12. Treating wounds

Vodka is a natural sterilizer, and is used as both an anesthetic and disinfectant.

13. Mold and mildew

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Alex Tom

Get rid of the unsightly scene that is mold and mildew by spraying vodka on the trouble areas, letting it set, and then scrubbing.

14. Drink it

Let's face it. You've earned it. Snag a few drink recipes to really spice it up, or just take it straight and use these chasers.

Next time you're in the cleaning mood, just remember that clear liquid that has seen almost every side of you, and now it can see your cleaning side, too. Don't forget to check out more alternative uses for the tasty beverage.