Amid all the chaos that America has been enduring over the past few weeks, Leslie Knope, who would have definitely been at the Women’s March, would want us all to remember that her favorite holiday is quickly approaching. In case you’re uninformed, Galentine’s Day is the day before Valentine’s Day and is a time to hang out with all your besties and show them how much you love and appreciate them, preferably in personalized 5000 word essays over breakfast. In Tallahassee, we are lucky enough to have some amazing restaurants to celebrate this national holiday at. But, if you and your friends are more into having a night in, there are endless ways to have just as good of a time without spending a lot of money. Either way, always keep Leslie’s code in mind: “Hoes before bros, uteruses before duderuses, and ovaries before brovaries”.

Brunch Spots

Since Galentine's Day falls on a Monday this year, celebrate a day early and grab Sunday brunch from any of these amazing restaurants. 

1. Madison Social 

Tallahassee's quintessential brunch spot is known to hold an annual event specific to Galentine's Day, so be on the lookout for upcoming socials

2. Centrale 

Owned by the guys at MadSo, Centrale's brunch is insane. From sorbet and champagne cocktails to the epic Bon Giorno Pizza shown above, brunch here is a must.

3. Township 

Rounding out the College Town brunch trio is Township. Known for it's massive steins of beer, it also has an impressive brunch menu including the gravy smothered chicken and waffles pictured above. 

4. The Edison

If you're looking for brunch with a view, The Edison is the perfect spot to celebrate. Overlooking Cascades Park, it would be the ideal backdrop for any Galentine's Day photo shoots.

5. Andrew's Downtown 

The blueberry mascarpone stuffed French toast featured above speaks for itself. Andrew's is a great spot to brunch if you're looking for a quieter spot to get away from the crowds at College Town. 

6. AZU Lucy Ho's 

This one is for all the adventurous Galentine's Day groups. The Sunday sushi brunch at AZU is extremely popular and a great excuse to eat sushi for breakfast. 

Girl's Night In Recipes 

Grab all of your best friends and have an epic night in  with some or all of these tasty creations. 

7. Homemade Pizzas 

sauce, tomato, salami, cheese, dough, mozzarella, crust, pepperoni, pizza
Amy Yi

Pizza is easy to make and always a crowd pleaser, but if you're feeling extra festive try out these pepperoni pizza roses

8. DIY Flavored Popcorn

sweet, salt, kettle corn, corn, popcorn
Alina Polishuk

Why eat plain, salty popcorn when you can transform it so easily? 

9. Upgraded Mac and Cheese 

The Food Joy

Make your taste buds think that Kraft is gourmet. 

10. Red Wine Slushy 

cream, berry, jam, chocolate, sweet
Leah Valenti

Wine is a must on any night, but especially Galentine's Day. 

11. Cocktails  

lemon, liquor, alcohol, mint, sweet, ice, cocktail, juice
Olivia Sandusky

You don't have to be a mixologist to make these impressive drinks. 

12. Red Wine Margarita 

lemon, mint, sweet, lime, liquor, alcohol, ice, juice, cocktail
Katherine Richter

As stated earlier, red wine is a must, but so is tequila, right? 

13. Upgraded Boxed Brownies 

cake, chocolate
Alison Mally

Here's another customizable recipe that is simple and will completely satisfy your sweet tooth. 

14. Chocolate Chip Carmel Peanut Butter Bars 

butter, brownie, peanut, peanut butter, chocolate
Avery Wolfe

These are definitely better than any store bought chocolate a guy might buy you.