From the same team who brought Tallahassee Madison Social and Centrale Italian Eatery, the ever-expanding College Town just gained a new hot spot: Township. Right across the street from Madison Social, Tallahassee’s first and only “beer hall” calls a lofty 8,000 sq. ft. location home. With exposed brick, high ceilings, a beer garden and community style wooden dining tables, Township creates the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a great beer with good friends.

What makes Township different from other craft beer bars? Let’s start by the welcoming sound of clinking glass you’re bound to hear upon entering. Township exclusively serves their brews in glass steins- ranging from the classic German 1-liter size, (roughly the same size as my head, to give you an idea,) down to more manageable ½ liter and 1/3 liter sizes as well. So, no matter what your drinking ambition is for the night, you still get to enjoy your beverage of choice in a hearty and festive glass that’s perfect for group toasts. Prost!

Speaking of beverages, Township boasts three bars and a total of ninety-six taps. Yes, you read that correctly. With three bars, (named after their locations: Woodward, Madison, and Garden,) and thirty-two taps per bar, the creators of Township made sure no patron would face trouble in their quest to acquire a full glass. While 31 of the taps at each bar contain craft beer carefully selected from both local and national breweries, the 32nd tap holds a special value. Deemed “The People’s Tap,” this beer will be selected by, you guessed it, the people. Through a voting process that has yet to be announced, this final tap will rotate out with whichever brew won the popular majority.

Spoon tip: Not a beer fan? No problem. Along with the ninety-six taps, Township has a full bar that serves up mixed drinks and cocktails to your heart’s content.

cheese, waffle, bacon
Amanda Olivero

Naturally, with great drinks comes great food. Once again, Township has not failed to deliver. With a focus on urban street fare, the quick-fire counter service dishes out a variety of portable and flavorful cuisine. Enjoy a twist on a traditional Hawaiian dish with tuna poke "nachos", or use your stein of beer to wash down a classic “Knockwurst”. Differently, if you can’t decide between sweet or savory, get the best of both worlds with a helping of salted caramel popcorn with peanuts and bacon.

popcorn, bacon, poutine, caramel
Amanda Olivero

If that menu isn't enough, there’s talk of a brunch menu currently in development. If the rumors are true, you can find me relaxing in the beer garden on a Sunday morning soon, enjoying the kitchen’s newest breakfast creations (and hopefully sipping a mimosa out of a beer stein- please let that be a thing.)

While the food and drink offerings are exceptional, Township’s sense of community is truly a cause for celebration. Along with the welcoming atmosphere, the beer hall has already joined the Tallahassee Brew District to bring exciting events to Tallahassee residents. On December 8th, don’t miss the Booze Cookie Crawl- where $20 will get you one drink at each location, (Township, Madison Social, and Centrale,) two boozy cookies, and a commemorative holiday mug.

tea, coffee, wine, beer
Amanda Olivero

On December 10th, step up your bar crawl game with Santahassee. This Santa-themed bar crawl spans the entire brew district, (Township, Madison Social, The Brass Tap, Grasslands Brewing Company, and Proof Brewing Company), and $25 gets you a craft beer at each location plus a donation to Guardian Ad Litem.

Additionally, if you’re staying in town for New Years, Madison street is the place to be. Township, Centrale, and Madison Social are joining up to host an Epcot-style Drink Around the World to ring in 2017. Bounce around each location to experience beer, wine and cocktails themed after six different countries. 

Finally, this Friday, December 1st, be sure to check out Township's first Stein Hoisting Challenge- winner gets to keep a commemorative porcelain stein.

Unique food, great brews, and memorable times. With so much to offer under one roof, grab a group of friends and head over to Township ASAP.