Some days it seems so easy to find yourself in a terrible mood. People mess up your coffee order or don’t respond to your message in the group chat when making plans. And with so much negativity in the world today it feels like you have no choice but to feel saddened or angry.

This is when people turn to their natural stress relievers to forget about the annoying coworker or bitter ex and escape into their own little utopia. Some turn to the gym or running but to those exercise fanatics I say “you do you” while I retire to the kitchen to take my bad mood and turn it into something edible and heavenly.

Maybe after making these mood booster recipes you may even want to share them as a peace offering (but let’s not push it).

1. Personal Chocolate Chip Cookie


Photo by Meredith Ross

Perfect for anybody who seems to be annoyed with everybody that day. Here’s a giant cookie that you don’t have to share with absolutely anybody else.

2. Ice Cream Sundae Bread Bowl


Photo by Jessica He

I don’t wanna say that this could technically count as a dinner but…if you really did have one of the worst days imaginable then don’t let anyone stop you from fixing this up and binge watching the new Orange is the New Black season.

3. Baked Chocolate Donuts with a Kick


Photo by Olivia Hasse

Not only are these basically effortless, the cayenne pepper glaze is fiery just like your attitude.

4. Chocolate Crinkle Cookies


Photo by Emma Delaney

The cracks may symbolize your broken heart or happiness but they also make a really appealing Instagram that is sure to impress all of your followers, frenemies and all.

5. Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Butterscotch Cookies


Photo by Maddy Schier

There’s just no way you could take a bite of this cookie and not feel at least a twinge better. If you don’t, just take another bite.

6. Peanut Butter Stuffed Brownie French Toast


Photo by Emma Lally

I think Ron Swanson said it best, “there isn’t a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.” And how can it get any better than when chocolate and peanut butter are involved?

7. Chocolate Cookie Dough Stuffed Soft Pretzels


Photo by Abigail Wilkens

This recipe has one key direction: kneading. Like Rocky had his hanging meat, you have your ball of dough. Get at it.

8. Personal Pan Brownie


Photo by Meredith Davin

Just because this recipe makes 4 brownie skillets doesn’t mean you have to eat it in the company of others. Eating it straight out of the pan creates an easy escape from human interaction and brownies cure all irritations.

9. Boozy Chocolate Rum Cake


Photo by Hayden Carder

This isn’t to say that booze will automatically help make you feel better…but maybe they will if you pair it with chocolate.

10. No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake Bars


Photo by Jina Kim

The only thing better than this recipe being no-bake is that you get to whack the hell out of a bunch of Oreos. Oh and the fact that you get to eat Oreo cheesecake in the end.

11. Salted Pretzel Nutella Fudge


Photo by Courtney Lewis

There’s nothing like a sweet and salty snack to even out your palate and balance your life from a little stress. Not to mention that there is Nutella in these bad boys, enough said.

12. Childhood Cereal Bars


Photo by Dylan Barth

We’re taking it back to our childhood to hopefully patch up our any of our aggravations. If it doesn’t work just call your mom and you can just eat these treats for breakfast (because you’re an adult now).

13. Braided Pesto Bread


Photo by Meher Pandher

This is for all the completely infuriated and enraged individuals who have hours to dedicate all of their madness to one loaf. Hopefully by the end you will have cooled off enough to pat yourself on the back for baking such an impressive slice of bread.