The holiday season has come around, which creates even more of a reason to eat your weight in pie. Besides, you've got to prepare your stomach for all that hearty food you'll be consuming in the coming weeks. Here is everything you need to know in order to eat pie 24/7 until the turkey is pulled out of the oven.

1. Brunch Quiche 

cheese, omelet, dairy product, egg, vegetable
Aubrey Miller

The name says brunch, but I say any time. Quiche is the breakfast equivalent of pie. Pie for every meal, breakfast for every meal. Either way I am happy. This recipe is very simple; just mix all the ingredients and bake them in the crust and you have a versatile pie to enjoy at all times of the day. 

2. Bacon-Wrapped Breakfast Pie 

Emmy Daniels

Want a literal pie for breakfast? This is the way to go. It has everything you could ever want in a breakfast pie. Not only is there bacon on the pie, there is bacon in the pie too. 

3. Apple Pie Oatmeal 

sweet, muesli, milk, berry, granola, porridge, yogurt
Letty DiLeo

This healthy (and vegan) twist on oatmeal has flavors reminiscent to apple pie without the commitment of an entire slice. This is a healthy way to get your pie fix. There are only five ingredients and very few steps to get you to that warm, fall-flavored bowl of oatmeal. 

4. Homemade Pop-tarts 

sandwich, cream, cake, ice
Amanda Shulman

That's a pop-tart, not a pie. But wait, there is crust and there is filling. Oh my gosh, I've been eating pie for breakfast all along. Also, because homemade is almost always better, try this recipe

5. Burger French Fry Pot Pie

Nikko Tonolete

Have you ever wondered what America would taste like if it were a food? Well, here you go. Cook up this Bacon and French Fry Pot Pie and brace yourself for the grease-induced food comma that will surely follow. 

6. Literal Pizza Pie 

sauce, chicken, pizza
Courtney Lewis

Dreams do come true. We've all heard someone call this widely-loved food pizza pies, but this pie takes that to a beautiful new level. 

7. Chicken Pot Pie

chicken, pie
Caty Schnack

This classic is perfect for a cold day. Creamy chicken hidden inside a crispy layer of golden brown pie crust, bring it on. This recipe is a simplified version that is sure to please. 

8. Taco Pie 

egg, bacon, cheese, pizza
Gabby Veri

Enjoy some tacos without the mess of a shell. It's even better because there are multiple layers of meat and cheese. Throw all the ingredients in there and let it go. This pie alternative brings the heat and the spice; it's sure to warm you up. 

9. Mini Mac and Cheese Pies 

cheese, pasta
Clare Beatty

Carbs inside of more carbs, I'd like to be somewhere in that mix. This recipe only has two simple ingredients and it's the perfect meal to prepare you for hibernation. 

10. Raspberry Brie Pie Pops 

sweet, candy
Elise Fegler

Pie with cheese in it? So much yes. I would literally eat this for every meal. Sweet and savory is my jam (pun 100% intended). However, for those of you out there who prefer actual meals, see the pies previously mentioned. For this delicious treat, assembly is literally the only thing required. This recipe consists of jam, brie, and puff pastry crust. Not a fan of brie? Switch it out for goat cheese.

11. Mini Mason Jar Lid Pies 

raspberry, jam, cake, sweet
Stephanie Cozza

These are adorable and perfect individual-sized pies. Plus, they are easy to make. Eat a whole pie without feeling bad about it. It's time to add this pie into your snack lineup. 

12. Pumpkin Pie with Sugar Cookie Crust 

sweet, cake, sauce, pastry, pie
Erica Coulter

Just when you thought pumpkin pie couldn't get any better, this happens. Not only will it elevate the already perfect pumpkin pie, but it is also super easy. Check it out for yourself. 

13. Apple Pie in an Apple 

apple, vegetable, sweet
Isabella Neuberg
A pie in an apple. It looks cool, tastes good, and is a healthified version of the classic apple pie. Check out the recipe to see how this magic happens. 

During the holiday season, pie is a food group of its own. Pumpkin pie and apple pie are considered Thanksgiving necessities. However, the cold of winter just begs for a warm chicken pot pie. This arsenal of pies will keep you ready for the holidays and beyond. Now pie really can be your only food group.