While you may be able to get free pancakes at IHOP for National Pancake Day, you can get much better pancakes at any of these places. Trust us, they’re worth your money and worth your valuable stomach space. If you’re looking to celebrate a day dedicated to one of the most iconic foods out there, try any of these places. From classic buttermilk pancakes to weird (ahem, unique) pancakes, we’ve got you covered.

1. Mike’s City Diner


Photo courtesy of @kateburt_ on Instagram

What you’re getting: chocolate chip pancakes

These pancakes are larger than your face. Not that it’s a bad thing, because they’re the perfect classic diner pancake — light, fluffy, and definitely a bang for your buck. Get the chocolate chip pancakes topped with strawberries because the addition of fruit makes it a bit more acceptable for breakfast… right?

2. The Paramount


Photo courtesy of @get_hangry on Instagram

What you’re getting: classic buttermilk pancakes

The lines are always long at this popular brunch spot, and for good reason. They’re known for their omelettes and banana French toast, but their pancakes are not to be overlooked. It’s simplicity at its finest — airy buttermilk pancakes topped with mounds of fresh fruit (we recommend strawberries) and whipped cream.

3. The Painted Burro


Photo courtesy of @thepaintedburro on Instagram

What you’re getting: chipotle chocolate chip pancakes

The best part of Mexican hot chocolate was always the spicy kick it had. The Painted Burro’s pancakes have that same spiciness from the chipotle they put in, giving your breakfast an extra oomph.

4. The Friendly Toast


Photo courtesy of @nomnomnycgirls on Instagram

What you’re getting: king cakes

You can never go wrong with Elvis’s classic combo: peanut butter, bacon, and bananas. The Friendly Toast adds these all to their chocolate chip pancakes, which makes it 100x better, because chocolate.

#SpoonTip: They recently opened another location in Back Bay, so you don’t have to go all the way to Cambridge.

5. Café Polonia


Photo courtesy of @aspiringkaro on Instagram

What you’re getting: potato pancakes

Every culture has pancakes, and Polish culture is no different. These potato pancakes are a staple of Eastern European food and can be eaten with a variety of sides. From goulash to applesauce, this is your chance to get creative.

6. The Pour House


Photo courtesy of Ivan R on yelp.com

What you’re getting: pumpkin pie pancakes

Why eat pie when you can eat it in pancake form? As the Pour House menu says, “Tastes like pie, eat it like pie.” So enjoy this hearty stack of pancakes with a healthy dose of whipped cream and feel some Thanksgiving nostalgia.

7. The Paris Creperie


Photo by Renzo De Jesus

What you’re getting: the Nutella cannoli crêpe

Even though this Brookline crêpe shop was featured on our Boston eats bucket list for their Nutella frozen hot chocolate, their crêpes are just as good. Their menu has an extensive list of crêpes, but their Nutella cannoli crêpe is the lovechild of Boston’s iconic dessert, the cannoli, and France’s version of the pancake. Plus it has Nutella, so everyone wins.

8. Alden & Harlow


Photo courtesy of @kteig on Instagram

What you’re getting: pickled corn pancakes

Yeah, we know it sounds weird. But it’s the optimal mix of sweet and savory — it has shishito peppers and maple syrup. Add a generous portion of popcorn heaped on top, and you’ll be enjoying the most interesting meal of your life.

9. Lulu’s Allston


Photo courtesy of @julie_salman on Instagram

What you’re getting: s’mores pancakes

Lulu’s s’more pancakes will leave you wanting s’more for sure. Bad puns aside, they take the best part of summer (and childhood) and make that into a breakfast food. Genius.

10. Deluxe Town Diner


Photo courtesy of @molliechen on Instagram

What you’re getting: deluxe pancakes

Though Deluxe Town is all the way in Watertown and not in the immediate Boston area, it’s worth the drive. Their secret pancake ingredient? Sour cream. Trust us, it makes a difference.

11. Café Luna


Photo courtesy of @scallopededge on Instagram

What you’re getting: lemon ricotta pancakes

These pancakes are a definite step up from your typical diner pancakes. The typical house pancakes are made with lemon and ricotta, layered with lemon mascarpone, and topped with lemon curd, fresh berries, and whipped cream.

12. Grasshopper Café


Photo courtesy of @jeanniehannigan on Instagram

What you’re gettingany pancakes with honey butter

These pancakes are giant and fluffy, but the real star is the honey butter that comes with all the pancakes. It gives the pancakes a whole new depth of flavor.

13. Max Brenner


Photo courtesy of Max Brenner on facebook.com

What you’re getting: illegal chocolate chocolate chocolate pancakes

Think the triple use of “chocolate” in the name is excessive? Well, in this case, it’s not. Like everything else at Max Brenner, these pancakes are decadent and loaded with chocolate. Eat at your own risk of developing a sugar hangover.