As college students, we don’t always have the luxury of time to drive around and look at multiple stores to buy the items we need. Time is of the essence and it seems like we are always racing the clock to get things done. The convenience of finding everything with just the click of our mouse is probably all the time we can afford to spend, as well as finding it at an affordable price to fit our college budget.

Here is a list of genius kitchen appliances that are available on Amazon and will make perfect gifts that are useful and practical for your friends who are graduating soon.

1. Important Accessory For Your Refrigerator

Every fridge needs this magnet to compliment it. You don’t have to waste anymore time to look for a bottle opener because you can just grab a cold beer from the fridge and open it immediately.

2. Defrost Your Meat In Minutes

If you are someone like me who realizes that you need to start cooking dinner when you are already starting to get hungry, this meat-cooking tray will satisfy you before you raid the whole pantry.

3. Eat 'Em and Toss 'Em

Now we can have it all with this double-dish serving bowl. This is cleverly designed to hold your snacks while stashing away the shells and pits. Minimal mess and clean up, just the way you want it.

4. Step Up Your Grilling Game

You can grill anywhere you want at any time, thanks to the portability aspect of these design. Literally, you can grill anywhere because it's battery operated.

5. Not Your Average Wine Bottle

This Japanese-designed bottle isn’t what meets the eye because you won’t find any wine in this bottle. Instead, you’ll be able to combine eight different kitchen tools of grating, measuring, and much more.

6. Chill it, Bro

Chilling your beer just got interesting with this advanced cooling technology. Perfect for the spontaneous times you want to drink and to use during parties!

7. Stinky Hands No More

Smells that stay on your hands forever (like garlic) aren’t appealing, and when it lingers around after multiple washes, it's the worst. You can say goodbye to stinky odors, though, thanks to the DEOS stainless steel soaps.

8. Guac Lock and Pop It

All your guac goodness will finally remain fresh after the day with this nifty little container.

9. Blend it and Go

Caitlin McCreight

Sticking to eating healthier just got a little bit easier because this blender also serves a drinking bottle.

10. Leaf It To This One

Don’t let the simple leaf design fool you. It works really well to strip kale, herbs, and other leafy greens from their stems.

11. Don’t Worry About Straining Yourself

Practical and innovative that makes it easy to strain pasta. I will no longer have to dread about finding and using a colander.

12. Reduce and Reuse

It works just as well as a Ziploc bag, but better by helping to reduce your waste. It’s important to be environmentally conscious and do your part to reduce your global ecological footprint.

13. Sushi Bazooka

Making sushi at home just got a little bit easier, and a lot more fun. It’s as simple as stuffing the bazooka with your choice of fillings and turning the plunger knob. #Boom.