1. Instead of a rolling pin, use a wine or beer bottle. Simply clean it and take the label off before rolling out your dough.


2. Don’t worry about buying a whisk. Some quick stirring with a fork works just as well any time a recipe calls for whisking eggs or batter.


3. Hate using knives? Sometimes kitchen shears are the right replacement. Cut slices of pizza, pieces of meat, herbs and scallions with scissors.


4. Replace a baking sheet with tin foil. Make a little box with the tin foil and use it to roast vegetables or bake small batches of brownies.


5. Don’t own a colander or sifter? Use a wire mesh strainer for draining pasta or sifting flour instead.


6. Replace a cutting board with a thick brown paper bag. Lay the bag flat on a countertop and slice away without scratching up the counter. The best part? Now you only have to wash the knife.


7. Overturn a cup or wine glass onto dough to use it as a cookie or biscuit cutter.