Since living alone and cooking for one, I have learned that the freezer is my BFF when it comes to saving food and money in the long term. Most recipes yield an amount that one person cannot eat in one sitting or finish off before the left overs go bad. This is my go-to list for foods that freeze well for ease on busy days and check the links in the headings to find recipes that use them!

1. Veggies

broccoli, vegetable, salad, pepper
Maddie Cole

Whether you bought them frozen at the store or you just have some left over peppers that you can't use quick enough, freezing your veggie makes them last longer. One awesome thing about freezing veggies is that you can portion them which reduces waste and helps when you're trying to eat healthy on a budget.

2. Fruits

sweet, berry, blueberry
Jocelyn Hsu

Similar to frozen veggies, frozen fruits are perfect when you want to keep fruits in your diet but cannot afford to keep them fresh on hand. Frozen fruits are also perfect for making desserts and to put in pancakes.

3. Chicken

asparagus, vegetable, meat, sauce, tomato, chicken
Jackie Kuczynski

At the beginning of the month, I tend to buy fresh, large chicken breast and then slice them in half (like you were going to butterfly the chicken but cutting all the way through) in order to portion them out. I then wrap them in plastic wrap individually to freeze. You can also purchase frozen chicken breasts too. Check here to learn how to defrost chicken too.

4. Ground Meats

meat, beef, oatmeal, ground beef, cereal, mince
Alex Frank

I always find that ground meat are good to have on hand when you are just sick of chicken. I like to keep ground turkey and beef on hand to defrost when I want to make burgers or chili. Ground pork is also good to have on hand if you want to whip up meatballs for spaghetti or sandwiches.

5. Sausage

meat, vegetable, sausage, pork, beef, pepper, barbecue
Jackie Kuczynski

Sausage was always a staple in my house growing up so I cannot imagine eating a diet without it. My mom always taught me to keep it in the freezer as it is good to have when you want gravy, scrambles, and it is great to mix in with sauce, burgers, meatballs, chili, and any comfort food.

6. Baked Goods

bread, banana, cake
Chelsea Hawk

All the elderly ladies in my neighborhood make batches of zucchini bread and other baked goods and pop in them freezer to hand out as gifts when you visit or mow their yard. Surprisingly, baked goods are foods that freeze well and keeping them in the freezer makes them last longer and you can just thaw them out when you need a treat.

7. Spaghetti Sauce

spaghetti, sauce, pasta, tomato, basil, carbohydrate
Devon McCarron

Spaghetti sauce is great to freeze so you can have it later on. You can make homemade sauce in a large batch and then portion it into freezer bags to have on a rainy day when you do not feel like cooking or when you have an unexpected meal with friends. Sauce can feed a ton and it freezes great, lasting for months.

8. Soups

soup, broth, chicken, vegetable, meat
Jocelyn Hsu

When you make a big pot of soup and have a ton left over, freeze it in freezer safe containers to have on days that you may not be feeling too well. Soup lasts for months just like spaghetti sauce and is great to thaw and bring for lunches.

9. Broths

cream, broth, tea, sweet, pumpkin, soup
Alixandra Rutnik

Similar to soups, broths are great to keep on hand in the freezer for when you are sick or the weather just sucks. Also like soups, sauces and all the foods on this list be sure to let the broth cool completely before placing it in a freezer bag or container.

10. Bones and Scraps

This may seem like a super strange item to keep in your freezer, but when someone asks just try to lead it into a normal conversation. Bones, like chicken or beef bones, are foods that freeze well to save for when you make a broth or stock. The same can be said for the scraps of vegetables.

11. Bread

toast, wheat, bread, cereal, rye, flour, sandwich, wheat bread
Christin Urso

I always keep some English muffins in the freezer for when I want to make breakfasts sandwiches. I find it very hard to eat a whole loaf of bread by myself before it gets moldy, so I always take a few slices out that I know I can eat and then freeze the rest for another week.

12. Nuts

Holly Tishfield

I keep sliced almonds in the freezer to put on top of oatmeal or to put into waffles. Freezing nuts helps them last longer as the oil in them can make them go bad if left in the heat too long. They are also great to keep on hand for baking or toasting them to go on top of a salad.

13. Butter

butter, cheese, dairy, dairy product, milk
Caroline Ingalls

I am not sure why my mom always froze butter, but she taught me to do the same. I do not use a lot of butter, so I always keep the extra sticks in the freezer because they will last up to a year.

Keeping foods that freeze well like these will seriously save you money in the long run. It also cuts down on food waste because you are extending the life of your groceries in order to use them later. Start freezing these foods and watch the amount of money you are now saving next time you hit up the grocery store.