I have three boxes of cocoa powder in my kitchen cabinet, and I'm not ashamed to admit that. Brownies have to be my favorite thing to bake because they're easy and make the house smell like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. However, I've learned to love cocoa powder in other ways. There are tons of cocoa powder uses you likely haven't heard of; whether you're desperate to use up the box that's been sitting in your pantry for months or are just curious to see how else you can use cocoa powder, read on. 

1. Homemade Hot Cocoa

hot chocolate, Reading, cozy, blanket, Winter
Emma Salters

Hot cocoa is the cherry on top of a cozy night in the cold winter months. Make it yourself from scratch with cocoa, sugar, and tons of marshmallows and whipped cream. 

2. Mug Cake

coffee, espresso, cream, chocolate, milk, cappuccino, mocha, sweet
Megan Clarkson

You can make a chocolate cake for one in just five minutes. Cocoa powder does the trick, and you can satisfy all your chocolate cravings in no time.  

3. Oatmeal

porridge, oatmeal, cereal, sweet, milk, oatmeal cereal, muesli, banana
Caroline Mackey

Add some cocoa to your oatmeal to make it a little chocolatey. To take away the bitterness of the cocoa powder, add a little honey and some banana. Breakfast is served. 

4. Makeup

chocolate, sweet, coffee, cake, candy, cream
Kevin Kozlik

Cocoa powder can be used to make some face makeup. It may sound gross, but it's likely cheaper than your favorite brand of bronzer and worth a try. 

5. Red Wine Chocolate Cupcakes

cream cheese, cream, chocolate, cheese, coffee
Caty Schnack

These cupcakes have a deep chocolate flavor that's enhanced with red wine. They're perfect for your next party or for a cozy night in. 

6. Dessert Smoothie

A dessert smoothie is a healthy way to get your dessert fix. The cocoa powder adds a rich chocolate flavor, and a little can truly go a long way. If you have a full jar, you can make smoothies for weeks. 

7. Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles

chocolate, sweet, candy, nutmeg, cocoa, truffle
Ryl Johann Dorado

These truffles are super easy and healthy, too. They are dusted with cocoa powder for you to experience a fitting, slight bitterness before tasting the sweet chocolate. 

8. Chocolate Zucchini Bread

bread, sweet, cake, pastry, cookie, wheat, chocolate, brown bread
Carl Pieri

Chocolate zucchini bread has a vegetable in it, so it can be considered healthy, right? This bread is super moist and flavorful. It's perfect with a cup of tea or coffee. 

9. Chocolate Mocha Pancakes

chocolate, cream, cake, candy, sweet, goody, milk, brownie
Sara Tane

These pancakes are the perfect way to get your pancake and coffee fix in one bite. The cocoa powder adds a chocolate flavor to the pancakes that's made even bolder with chocolate chips (hint hint). 

10. Face Mask

chocolate, cake
Cara Waterman

Once again cocoa powder has many benefits, and you can make a face mask out of it. It is a natural way to rid yourself of acne and improve your skin's hydration. Plus, your face will smell like chocolate for 15 minutes. 

11. Frozen Berries

chocolate, truffle, candy, sweet
Mulin Xiong

Craving chocolate-covered strawberries? Don't spend $100 at Godiva. Just take frozen berries and dip them in some vegan chocolate. It's much easier on your wallet, and it's much healthier. 

12. Homemade Oreos

chocolate, candy, sweet, milk, goody, cream, cookie, milk chocolate
Sophie Maschinot

Make Oreos from scratch and impress all your friends. These cookies are super easy to make. With cocoa powder, you can get the iconic black (or super dark brown) color of Oreos in no time.  

13. Dry Shampoo

Mackenzie Patel

My friend Mackenzie (S/O Spoon UFlorida!) tried cocoa powder as a dry shampoo because she's a brave soul. Turns out that it can be beneficial. According to Mackenzie, the powder was "superior to store-bought dry shampoo, but there were key flaws (i.e. mess, color) that make greasy, second-day hair not seem so heinous." So, try it if you'd like an adventure. 

Brownies are my best friend, but it's fun to experiment with cocoa powder once in a while. Whether it's food-related or not, anyone can find a way to love it. And why try just one DIY when you can try them all?