Last Friday, I went to Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity for lunch. I know what you're probably thinking: "Umm... why?" As a girl, eating in a room surrounded by frat guys can be somewhat anxiety-inducing. They're all there in their natural habitat — and then there's awkward little me, just existing. But on Fridays, TEP has MTO (made to order) brunch.

Brunch is my favorite food group (yes, brunch is officially its own food group). There's not a single brunch food that is not absolutely delicious. It's a fact. Add the fact that it also cures hangovers, and you can pretty much understand why I think that brunch is basically the Holy Grail of meals. 

TEP was letting me go to their house to have as much of it as I wanted, so (anxiety and all) of course I went. 

Here's a play-by-play of the streaming thoughts I had during this experience:   

1. *Walks in, looks around.*


Boys are icky. I wonder if this is sanitary? *Sniff.* It smells like bacon. I love bacon. Where's the bacon?  

2. "BACON!!"

bacon, pork
Andrea Benaim

Okay, calm down, you don't want them to think you're crazy. 

3. *Talks to the chef.*

soup, tea, coffee, ramen
Andrea Benaim

His name is Dave. We like him. 

4. *Looks at menu. Panics.*

Casey Hack

I can't eat an omelette, an egg sandwich and a waffle, right? I feel like people would judge me. 

5. "Okay. I ordered. Now what?"

Do I talk to people? *Walks aimlessly.* Lalalalala I feel awkward. 

6. "SOS, there are cinnamon sticks?"

cinnamon, peanut
Casey Hack

Yep. I'm gonna eat some food, while I wait for my food. It's going to be amazing. 


Casey Hack

His name is Milo, BTW. HI PUPPY, I LOVE YOU. 

8. *Cries.*

Because this is now the best day ever. 

9. *Dave hands me my food.*

bacon, omelet, cheese, egg
Casey Hack

LOOK. AT. ALL. THAT. CHEESE. *Looks up from food for a second.* I hope boys don't look at me while I put my face in this omelette. 

10. "LOL JK, who cares."


11. *Boys come say hi.*

Oh look at that, they don't even seem to care that I have a face full of cheese. That's so nice. 

12. "Boys are icky..."

coffee, beans
Casey Hack

Except when they provide me with food. Then they're nice. Nice boys. 

I really enjoyed eating at a fraternity. Even though it can be a little intimidating at first, the guys were nice and the second I tried my food I stopped caring whether they were looking in my direction because it was so perfectly cheesy and amazing (and free). Oh, and did you see that puppy?

If you ever get an invitation for a frat meal that sounds good, definitely go (especially if it's brunch). Just make sure to bring a friend so you have someone to feel awkward with, but talk to new people. Food is the best way to make friends.