Whether you like them to-go or toasted, Pop-Tarts give us an irreplaceable sense of nostalgia. As a kid, I didn't have them often because my mom preferred to feed me apples and carrot sticks. However, I always looked forward to a Brown Sugar Pop-Tart as the occasional treat. But there are some weird Pop-Tart flavors out there that I didn't even know existed. From seasonal Pumpkin Pie to sweet Root Beer, there are a lot of weird flavors "pop"ing up in stores everywhere.

1. Pumpkin Pie

If you live far away from Grandma's house but crave her famous pumpkin pie, not to worry. The Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tart will satisfy your cravings for soft pumpkin, buttery crust, and warm fall spices. 

2. Root Beer

As if root beer wasn't sweet enough, it takes a whole new form in this A&W Pop-Tart. It's definitely more of a unique way to start the day, but by all means, if you're a root beer fan, roll with it. 

3. Watermelon

I've heard of watermelon Oreos, which is weird enough. However, your favorite summer fruit is taken to a whole new level in the form of a Pop-Tart. This was a collab with Jolly Rancher, and I'm not sure it was a good one. 

4. Blue Raspberry

WTF is blue raspberry? Whatever it is, it exists in Pop-Tart form. Don't eat it on a date though, because your tongue will probably turn blue. 

5. Wild! Berry

This Pop-Tart is so wild they had to put an exclamation mark in the title. Apparently, this Pop-Tart tastes like Trix cereal. It's similar a classic frosted strawberry Pop-Tart, only it's dyed purple for your enjoyment.

6. PB&J Strawberry

Throw out the crummy sandwich and have a PB&J Pop-Tart style. With real PB and sweet strawberry-flavored jelly, the nostalgia will hit hard. Also, there are tons of sprinkles to help you bring out your joyous childhood self. 

7. Maple Bacon

Bacon is becoming a regular addition to all of our favorite sweet treats like pancakes, ice cream, and now Pop-Tarts. The maple flavor pairs perfectly with this dessert, er, breakfast. 

8. Orange Crush

Crush Orange was my favorite fizzy drink as a kid. It had my friends and I on sugar highs every New Year's Eve. But in Pop-Tart form? I'm not completely sold on this. The orange swirl adds a lot of flair though, so I'd be willing to try it.

9. Red Velvet

Okay, maybe you knew these existed, but I'm a huge red velvet fan so I had to include this. Sometimes I crave a fat slice of my homemade red velvet cake that I make every Fourth of July. But I guess a red velvet Pop-Tart will do on occasion. 

10. Hot Fudge Sundae

My favorite ice cream topping by far is hot fudge. This Pop-Tart is perfectly chocolatey and sprinkle-dusted. The vanilla filling will remind you of that melted ice cream running down your chin, except it won't make too much of a mess. 

11. Dunkin' Donuts Drinks

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Shannon Carney

Experience your Dunkin' favorites with mocha and latte-flavored Pop-Tarts. These guys were limited-edition, but they were super popular. Who knows, they might just reappear on a shelf near you.

Go beyond the classic Strawberry and Brown Sugar Pop-Tart flavors and try something weird and new. And why try just one when you can throw them all in the toaster?