I know that some Jews dread Passover, because anything "leavened", meaning any food prepared using raising agents, is off limits for 8 days. This means you can't eat pasta, cake, cookies, bread, pie, and more for 8 straight days. I know. You're thinking wow, that sucks. But I'm here to argue that the one form of "bread" we can eat, matzo, is so versatile that you can still live an indulgent and delicious life while following Passover's strict food guidelines.

Matzo is an unleavened flatbread made with just flour and water. Because of its simple ingredients, it tastes very bland, almost like nothing, making it ideal to catch the flavors of whatever you prepare it with. Sweet, spicy, or savory — matzo never fails to provide a great base for a tasty recipe. 

1. Matzo Toffee

waffle, peanut, cream, sauce, chocolate
Matzo Toffee- Nina Lincoff

Sometimes called "matzo crack", this crunchy, sweet, and nutty, passover treat always hits the spot.

2. Matzo Brei

vegetable, chicken, pork, rice, meat
Hannah Paborsky

Made with essentially just matzo, eggs, salt, and pepper, this delicious breakfast is the perfect cure to that Manischewitz hangover from the night before.

3. Matzo Puppy Chow

Victoria Pierce

Take your fave childhood snack and turn it into a sweet matzo delight. These sweet thangs honestly don't taste much different than normal puppy chow, due to the intense flavor from the peanut butter and chocolate.

4. Matzo Ball Soup

meat, broth, vegetable, chicken, soup
Sarah Strong

This passover classic never fails to soothe the soul (and the tummy). 

5. Peanut Butter Chocolate Matzo

caramel, sauce, sweet, chocolate, poutine
Emma Nosseir

Similar to matzo toffee, this crunchy peanut butter sweet fulfills all cravings. 

6. Matzo Pizza

sauce, meat, chili, pepper, vegetable
Madison Mounty

For all you pizza lovers our there, this matzo pizza will help you make it through the seven days of passover, until you can eat the real stuff again. 

7. Pistachio Dark Chocolate Matzo Bark

pistachio, sweet, candy, chocolate
Victoria Pierce

Pistachio's are filled with vitamins, healthy fats, and protein. Dark chocolate boasts a high antioxidant content. So, do these ingredients then make this matzo dessert healthy? I think yes.

8. Matzo Nachos

sauce, gravy, poutine
Elana Naimi

Add a Mexican twist to your leavened bread-free lifestyle by making these simple yet unreal matzo nachos. 

9. Matzo S'mores

Elana Naimi

These matzo s'mores will take you right to the campfire.

10. Matzo PB & J

pudding, honey, coffee, dairy product, caramel, chocolate, jam, milk, sweet, cream
Maggie Gorman

This classic sandwich, matzo style, never fails to satisfy me throughout passover. PB & J is such a good combo on its own that it truly works well without the classic bread.  

11. Matzo Granola 

pork, rice
Elana Naimi

This crunchy and sweet matzo granola can be put in yogurt, combined with a bowl of milk, mixed in to some homemade trail mix, or just enjoyed on its own.

Some see passover as a culinary let down because of the lack of leavened bread you're able to use while cooking and eating, but I like to look on the bright side. Passover is an unreal opportunity to experiment, taking a relatively bland food and making it taste so good in so many different ways. Chag sameach, y'all!