The first semester of college smells of midnight Dominos, drunk vomiting in the communal toilet, and endless Dunkin' Donuts Happy Hours to keep your eyelids open. When 18+ clubs become a free-for-all and classes are a mere suggestion, the body is basically a repository of bad decisions, like a whole box of Cheez-Its in one sitting! Red Bull and vodka! Chicken nuggets dunked in a Frosty!

I’m the poster girl for unhealthy habits, but with a little parental nagging and weight gain, I realized “anything goes” is a ridiculous philosophy when a healthy body is at stake. Here are a few dodgy habits college students (me included) indulge in during their first semester of college. I’m a third year now, but I still reel when I remember my beastly, vegetable-aliened 18-year-old self.

1. Eating cold cans of sodium-filled soup

sweet, milk, jam, yogurt
Kelli Haugh

When it’s midnight at the library and there’s no microwave in sight, a cold can of Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup is the only option. Although it sounds disgusting, it’s oddly delicious and adaptable to the tongue. But the temperature isn’t the problem—it’s all the added sodium and preservatives that’ll do you in.

2. Only eating one to two meals a day

sweet, french fries, bread, salt, potato
Alyssa Rosello

Waking up at noon, eating at three, gorging at nine—it’s an unhealthy cycle that leads to late-night binge eating and cravings at random times. It’s also easy to forget to eat—between working, studying, and drinking—fitting in a fruit and veggie-heavy meal is impossible.

3. Chugging low-quality beers and liquors

Melissa Miller

I’m advocate for keg stands, but try to limit that excessive drinking to once a semester. Downing Keystone and Svedka shots is a glimmer of “good-idea” in the moment, but the next morning feels like cheap liquor store death. Shot, water, beer, water, beer #2, Advil, a kiss goodnight, and you’ll be fine.

4. Late-night partying with an 8:30 am class the next morning

Ashton Caudle

Why did I think this was a good idea? Grog, a ratchet club across from our library, has Ladies’ Night on Wednesdays (which is a dangerous idea). My friends and I would feverishly dance until 1:30 am, stumble towards our Uber rides, and then attend Calculus II (the engineering one) at 8:30 am the following morning. I never missed a class, but my eye bags and stale breath were proof of my poor decisions.

5. Eating milk, yogurt, and other foods way past the expiration date

water, tea, milk
Alex Frank

“Stomaching” something and enjoying its unexpired flavor are two different things. Even if milk tasted sketchy, I’d dismiss it as a fault in my own palate and finish my bowl of cereal. Being cheap shouldn’t interfere with your health, so throw out the expired Chobani and buy a new one for $1.15.

6. Never vacuuming, dusting, or otherwise cleaning your room

Mackenzie Patel

I’m still guilty of this: I love organizing my room, but anything that removes actual dirt isn’t my forte. The dust never stirs, so the layers of dust and grime always escapes my notice. Learn from my mistakes and pull out the vacuum cleaner.

7. Sharing glasses and utensils with other people

alcohol, wine, red wine, cheers, glass, liquor, beverage
Caroline Ingalls

At a party, everyone’s solo cup becomes an invitation for communal sharing. I was the “chill” girl who let everyone try her gin and tonic. Looking back now, that’s disgusting! No wonder I was always sick. Sharpie your name on a cup and don’t let anyone else taint it with their germs.

8. Gorging on cartons of Ben & Jerry’s in one sitting

milk, cream, popcorn, sweet, chocolate
Becky Hughes

These pocket-sized cartons are dangerous; their Chunky Monkey and Peanut Butter Swirl taste sweet and innocent, but they contain hundreds of calories. Combined with infrequent gym sessions and a slutty sweet tooth, B&J’s can wreck your jeans size.

9. Messing with boy drama despite the  emotional consequences

Ashley Dyrhaug

This has nothing to do with food, but everything to do with unhealthy habits. During the first semester of college, boys are like shiny play things (sorry boys) and everyone is attractive and sweet. But don’t do it! Most college guys are players so ditch the emotional roller coaster and focus on your ambitions first.

10. Leaving hair sticking to the (communal) shower wall

coffee, tea, beer
Becky Hughes

I never shared a communal shower (that apartment life), but I heard about stringy-haired showers often. Stick your hair on a wall, ball it up, and don’t forget to chuck it in the toilet. The next girl will appreciate your consideration.

Well, now that the internet knows my disgusting habits, I’m going to dissolve in my own embarrassment. Although everyone’s unhealthy habits are different, the theme of nutrition inadequacy, random eating times, and poor hygiene is no stranger to college students.

It’s bloody hard balancing decent personal maintenance with grades, socializing, and pleasing parents – we can’t do it all. However, these habits need to stop (or at least be improved on) since all-nighters and a sketchy diet affects all aspects of one’s life.