This is no regular bar I'm talking about, this is a college bar. You know, those places where the drinks are cheap, the air is hot, and the floor is always wet for some reason. It's a place where your classmates take on different personas for the weekend. The following are 10 types of people you always see at a college bar.

1. The Frat Bro

You're guaranteed to see this dude at any college bar. He's wearing white converse and a basketball jersey, bragging about how he has the hook up 'cause his frat bro is the bartender. Later, he'll go off about how he's in hands down the best frat on campus.

2. The Girl That Needs to Go Home

This girl doesn't know her limits. She’s probably trying to jump on the bar or screaming “HAS ANYONE SEEN MY PHONE?” 

3. The Hipster 

You know that guy who's sipping a PBR complaining about the music. He’s probably wearing a cardigan and is there with his one best friend. They will probably walk around a couple of times and make no effort to meet anyone, but their whole experience was documented on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.

4. The Dancer

He’s probably tearing up the dance floor and putting all the girls on the dance team to shame. He doesn't care what anyone thinks and is living for the moment.

5. The Guy That Can't Take a Hint 

The one guy who's plastered and lost all his friends and is hitting on every girl in the bar. You would think after the 30th “please get away fro me” he would give up, but he persists and hey, maybe he will get lucky with the “The Girl That Needs To Go Home.” 

6. The Dad

You’re not really sure why he is there because he's definitely pushing 50, but that’s not stopping him from hitting on the freshman.

7. The Ex-Girlfriend

The one who swore that she wasn't going to bring it up, but immediately tells everyone that she was dumped last night. No one's really trying to get too involved with her no matter how hard she tries. She basically has a sign on her forehead that says “I'm breaking out into tears tonight and calling him.” 

8. The Instagram Model 

The girl who's doing the absolute most, but in reality is just doing the absolute least. She probably looks vaguely familiar because she’s popped up on your explore page a couple of times. She's underwhelming in person and is probably just texting with her one other friend in the corner.

9.  The Stoner

He’s really feeling the vibes of the music, while he tries to bum a cig for like 30 minutes. Then he leaves at 11 to hit up Taco Bell.

10.  The PDA couple

No college Bar would be complete without this couple. They're probably making out in the middle of the bar/dancefloor. You'll definitely see people recording them for their Snapchat stories.  Please get a room.