Having grown up in Scottsdale, AZ, I never truly appreciated how great the food is until I moved away. Scottsdale is not only an amazing city but also a city filled with amazing food. Here are 10 things a local thinks about food in Scottsdale.

1. You consider Sam Fox a god.

Sam Fox owns 90% of the best restaurants in Arizona, and arguably owns all good food in Scottsdale. His restaurants are casual, fancy, and feature food of all kinds (pizza, burgers, farm-to-table, Italian, tacos...I could go on all day). If you think I'm obsessed with him, it's not just me, it's everyone in Scottsdale! 

2. You know what "real Mexican food" tastes like.  

Considering that the only thing separating Arizona and Mexico is a wall, it makes perfect sense that we have the best Mexican food. If you're ever in Scottsdale, you must go to Barrio Cafe for some authentic Mexican cuisine featuring pomegranate seed guacamole and dulce de leche infused churros.  

3. You have a regular In-N-Out order.

If you thought only Californians were obsessed with In-N-Out, you are clearly mistaken. This west coast burger chain is all over Arizona, especially Scottsdale. Open late at night, In-N-Out is the main high school meet-up location and can be found on someone's Snapchat or Insta every day.

4. You're over froyo. 

While new froyo spots are still popping up in other states, Scottsdale has had froyo for over a decade. We still consume froyo in massive quantities during our six-month summers, but froyo is nothing new. 

5. You think Panera is called Paradise. 

Arizona has Panera, but instead it's called Paradise! Panera and Paradise are owned by the same company and are almost identical...the name Paradise is simply unique to Arizona.

6. You might think Dutch Bros is better than Starbucks.

Dutch Bros is a trendy dive-thru/walk-up coffee joint which only employs energetic young adults who are instructed to talk to every customer. Dutch Bros has amazing coffee in nearly every flavor imaginable and is always happy to mix flavors for you.

7. You consume excessive amounts of iced tea. 

Five out of ten people walking around Scottsdale are typically holding an iced tea in their hands. AJs is almost always the provider, and offers a menu of over 30 different flavored teas. I blame our tea consumption on living in a desert where we are subconsciously worried about our lack of water.

8. You're accustomed to good açaí  bowls (thank you, California).

Because we are so close to California, Arizona has quickly caught on to the açaí bowl trend. It's super easy to find amazing açaí bowls in Scottsdale – like at Nekter Juice Bar – and we happily consume them throughout the entire year.

9. You go to Sugar Bowl when you feel like being a tourist.

Sugar Bowl is an old-fashioned ice cream shop in Old Town: the ultimate tourist destination featuring art galleries, modern eateries, and Southwestern attractions. It opened in 1958 and still looks like an ice cream parlor straight out of the 60s today

10. You know how to brunch.

If I were given five words to describe Scottsdale, one of them would be "brunch." We are obsessed with brunch in Scottsdale, and I promise our countless brunch locations rival yours. Some of my favorite include: Butterfields, Eggstasy, The Breakfast Club, and Snooze.

Now you understand why food in Scottsdale is unbeatable and why anyone who leaves Arizona will undoubtedly miss the food. Visit the city and eat for yourself.