AJ's is a luxury grocery store located at La Encantada Mall in Tucson, Arizona. However, AJ's is also located all over Arizona.  AJ's is a gourmet chain known for their iced teas, pastries, sushi bar, cheese, and market fresh produce. I definitely recommend going, especially if you've never been, and here's why!

1. Ice Tea and Coffee Bar

Ever since freshman year, my friends and I would make the 20-minute drive to La Encantada just for China Mist iced tea. Why did we do this? Was it for the cute cup? Was it to get away from campus? I just think my friends and I are basic. The iced teas come in an array of flavors from blueberry acai to passion fruit. You can choose any flavor of coffee to order in the Boulangerie section.

2. Pastries

From fruit tarts to signature cakes, there are many sweet temptations in the Boulangerie section of AJ's as well. Oh, and AJ's offers individual pastries to fit everyone's needs. My favorite way to start my day is with an iced tea in hand and a muffin on the side. 

3. Sushi

cucumber, rice
Rachel Hurvitz

I recently discovered that the AJ's in La Encantada has a sushi bar, with my favorite, poke bowl! I am from the Phoenix and Scottsdale area and we don't have sushi at any of our locations, so being in Tucson is quite a treat. Poke bowls are becoming really trendy in Scottsdale, and now in Tucson.

4. Wine

The wine collection at each AJ's location is quite unique. The wine selection trademark is a balance of domestic and imported wines, which accommodate everyone's palate. AJ's offers wine that is more expensive since the store is a high-end luxury market. My grandpa always bought his wine from AJ's because their custom service is great and the variety is always up to par. 

5.Grocer's Corner

I see all the above options as kiosks. In a normal grocery store, most of the time you don't see ice tea stations and a sushi bar. The Grocer's Corner offers foods like any other grocery store, however, the quality is much better. The store offers a butchers and seafood section, produce, snacks and more. The University of Arizona's students are very fortunate to be able to have AJ's so close to us.

Next time you want to treat yourself I recommend AJ's for sure!