Food can make or break a vacation. That's why I've never quite understood why most people pick their spring break destination based on its beaches or local excursions, never stopping to think about the food. Most of my favorite vacation memories revolve around eating. I mean, do people really go to Paris for the museums? Okay, maybe normal people do, but I'm 100% there for the pastries.

Wherever you go for spring break, you'll have to eat the local food all week. So before you pack your bags and bathing suits, check out these food hot spots to see if your favorite beach town or ski town made the list. 

1. Miami, Florida 

The Miami restaurant scene is iconic and Cuban food is a must-have. Every U of M student can attest to the magic of a Frita, but even we don't know the real deal.

2. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Trust me you haven't had good tacos until you've had them in Mexico. You might think the local Mexican restaurant in your town is the best, but if you have a chance to head down to Puerto Vallarta, make time to eat some guac in between your margaritas.  

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Maybe a less popular destination, but one with some of the best food in the world. Known for its churrascarias (think endless steak) and its delicious cheese bread, a trip down to Brazil definitely won't disappoint. 

4. Nassau, Bahamas 

If you're into seafood and aren't scared of some spice, the Bahamas are your place. They're also known for tropical fruits — perfect for piña coladas.

5. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican food is similar to Spanish, Cuban, and Mexican Cuisine, but it is also influenced by American and African foods. It's the ultimate fusion, and it's a can't miss food destination with dishes like pastelón (plantain lasagna) and alcapurrias (fritters)

6. Aspen, Colorado 

If beach weather isn't your thing because you'd rather be skiing, don't worry. Ski towns, like Aspen, also have amazing food. Be sure to check out award-winning cheese maker Wendy Mitchell's restaurant, Meat & Cheese Restaurant & Farm Shop, for some serious comfort food post-skiing. 

7. Los Angeles, California

If you can't make it all the way to Mexico, but you're chilling in LA, then Mexican food is still a must. If you're a health nut, you've just found your heaven. LA is loaded with açaì bowls and green smoothies galore. All of the trending food that you've only had in your dreams will become a reality in LA.

8. Las Vegas, Nevada

In Vegas, qhat you eat doesn't have to be a gamble. There are delicious places everywhere, just waiting to help you get charged up for a night out. Although Vegas is known for its lavish scene, you can find some seriously cheap eats on the strip. 

9. New Orleans, Louisiana 

Did someone say beignets? If you're trying to catch the Mardi Gras celebrations, don't miss out on the local food. From crawfish to jambalaya, Louisiana is jam-packed with amazing dishes you won't find anywhere else. 

10. Maui, Hawaii 

After you visit Hawaii, poke bowls seem completely subpar. It's another destination brimming with tropical foods, especially coconut and pineapple. Hawaii's food scene is vibrant — literally. Here, you'll find food in every color of the rainbow.

If only you could hit up every single one of these destinations over spring break, life would be perfect. Hopefully, your break is filled with exciting new dishes, and if you're headed home, take the opportunity to experiment with some tropical food in your own kitchen.