As spring break approaches, college students everywhere are planning the glorious week that separates the first half of second semester from finals.

Some people visit other friends at school; others go on tropical vacations with a group. However, I will be spending my spring break at home with my family and my two dogs. As nice as home-cooked food and free laundry is, I will be picturing myself on a nice beach somewhere, getting embarrassingly sunburnt but not really caring all that much.

To make myself (and everyone else staying home over break) feel better, here are ten foods and drinks that can make anyone feel like they’re a plane ride or two from home. Get busy in the kitchen, and then sit back on the couch with the TV remote by your side. This is the life.

1. Watermelon Refresher

spring break

Photo by Katheleen Lee

Because nothing screams summer and warm weather more than watermelon, right? And hey — if you’re too lazy to follow the whole recipe, you can just throw watermelon cubes and ice in a blender and call it a day. Equally as refreshing.

2. Penne with Cherry Tomatoes, Basil and Mozzarella

spring break

Photo by Taylor Kaminsky

Bring some Italian summer into the comfort of your home with the caprese salad-style pasta dish. Scratch the pasta for a healthy and hearty snack. Enjoy this fresh recipe here.

3. Gazpacho

spring break

Photo by Piril Dobrucali

Screw chicken noodle soup — this Spanish staple will make you feel like you’re wandering the streets of Barcelona for a week. Pretend it’s hot outside and grab a bowl, but also grab a blanket, because it’s actually winter.

4. Macarons

spring break

Photo by Jordan Abramowitz

Channel your inner Ladurée and whip up these bad boys. It’ll almost be like you’re spending your short vacay in Paris. Almost. Either way, Blair Waldorf would be proud.

5. Piña Colada

spring break

Photo courtesy of @spoonuniversity on Instagram

This one goes out to all of you who like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. Follow this recipe and take a lawn chair outside. Stick one of those little toothpick umbrellas in your glass if you really want to get into character.

6. Sushi

spring break

Photo by Jordan Abramowitz

You’re not in Japan, but you might as well pretend you are this spring break. This flexible recipe will let you do that. Also, I just always really want an excuse to eat sushi. You can make it in a mason jar if you’re feeling super artsy.

7. Tilapia Tacos

spring break

Photo by Maddy Shannon

Viva México, am I right? When you eat these fish tacos, you’ll feel like you’re getting your spring break tan on under the Cancún sun. The tacos have avocado (AKA the god of all foods) in them, too, so you really can’t go wrong there.

8. Pineapple Lemonade

spring break

Photo by Kirby Barth

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Not you, because you’re stuck at home and not on vacation. But it’s okay, because you’ve got this refresher to cool you down, or one of these cocktails.

9. Greek Salad Toast

A creative spin on classic Greek salad. As much as you wish you were vacationing in Mykonos right now, the next best thing is pretty darn good.

10. Israeli Salad

If you’re still in a Mediterranean mood, try out this fresh salad. I know I’ll be pairing it with pita and hummus on the side. And some falafel.

11. Blue Hawaiian

spring break

Photo by Zoe Denenberg

Like a piña colada, only blue. Let this beverage take you right to Maui. It even looks like the ocean. Score.

12. Pico de Gallo

spring break

Photo by Hana Ezaldein

Grab your tortilla chips, kids – it’s salsa time. Who knew you could cross the border without even leaving your couch? If you get bored of just salsa, make your own guac, too.

13. Breakfast Boat

Now you can go on eat that cruise you’ve always wanted to go on eat. This edible boat will be so fun to chow down on that you’ll forget you’re not actually in it.

14. Disney Foods

spring break

Photo by Shanshan Mei

If you won’t be spending spring break in Disney World, don’t sweat it, because now you can actually make the dishes your favorite characters dine on in the movies. Epcot’s food has got nothing on your kitchen, right?

15. Mini Nutella Croissants

spring break

Photo by Adrianna Simeone

The French do food right, so here’s the second recipe on this list that’ll make you feel like a true Parisian. Plus, there’s Nutella. Enough said.

16. Protein Energy Balls

spring break

Photo by Keni Lin

We went super healthy for this last one, I know, but you’d really want to be snacking on these on an airplane or road trip. Just pretend that your long journey with Netflix requires an equal amount of energy.

Wherever you’re spending your break, let these recipes take you on that vacation you’ve always wanted. Sit back, relax and enjoy the goodness.