It's the that time of year again: time to apply to join Spoon-Virginia Tech! You've probably seen our Instagram (@spoon_vt) or read one of our articles about our ace dining here at Tech. Spoon University is an online food publication. We're looking for hardworking and hilarious students to join the Virginia Tech chapter. 

Interested in writing, photos, or marketing for this on-campus club that loves to eat? Here are 10 reasons to apply.

1. Hang out with other people who love food as much as you.

Lauren Pak

While it may sound like the next big dating app (if only, am I right?), Spoon-Virginia Tech will introduce you to a fun new group of people who you can explore food with both on and off campus

2. A platform to share your passion for food with thousands of people.

coffee, beer, tea
Spoon University

Not only do we understand what it takes to get the perfect Instagram, we also have access to a platform that reaches millions. And we're all about point of view. You can be serious or funny, it's up to you.

3. Way too much #SpoonSwag.

coffee, espresso, cappuccino
Jocelyn Hsu

Cover your content-filled laptop with pizza and Spoon stickers. Be the life of the party with a Spoon bottle opener. Or just remind everyone around you that Spoon-Virginia Tech exists with a S'well bottle emblazoned with our logo.

4. Feel what it's like to work at a startup publication.

pumpkin, cake, beer, pizza
Spoon University

Our chapter here at Virginia Tech has the opportunity to talk to Spoon HQ all the time. While Spoon is growing more and more each day, it's easy to talk to anyone up in the NYC office.

5. Be part of an international community.

beer, cake, pumpkin
Kate Monick

Spoon has over 160 chapters in the U.S. and overseas. That's more connections to people outside your campus than you'd think. The team at Spoon HQ organizes events for us to meet other chapters all the time to build connections on common ground.

6. Bonding at local food events.

beer, wine, coffee, espresso
Susanna Mostaghim

Every chapter hosts events for Spoon members and the community. Virginia Tech's chapter works with local businesses to host tap takeovers as well as other community events. Each event includes food, of course.

7. Get experience using your creativity and skills.

cake, pizza, bacon
Becky Hughes

School assignments can be dull. At Spoon-Virginia Tech you can get experience doing editorial, photo, or marketing by applying it to a publication that's distributed nationally. 

If you want to get creative, go for it. No idea is a bad idea. Plus, your work will be seen by thousands of people. Build that portfolio.

8. Food fun.

Here at Spoon, we all have an appreciation and passion for food. All of us enjoy and have a new outlook on the fun part of food. Playing with your food is more than encouraged.

9. Attend fantastic food events hosted by Spoon HQ.

beer, cake, tea
Susanna Mostaghim

During the year, Spoon HQ hosts meet-ups for contributors in the same area. Additionally, Spoon HQ hosts its annual Brainfood conference and a Spoon Member Summit in NYC each summer. I went this year and it was the bomb, 10/10 would recommend.

 10. Ut Pros-yum: That I may eat.

seafood, lobster, fish, shellfish, crab
Spoon University at VT

Our school motto is Ut Prosum. And we always help give back, via food banks and campus kitchens. There's nothing like helping the community while doing something you love.

Convinced yet? Apply here. We're stoked to have you join us!