Growing up, having frozen yogurt for dessert was rare. It was hard to find and when you finally did, the flavors were limited to vanilla, chocolate, or a combination of the two. It wasn't until around 2013 when frozen yogurt stores began popping up in every corner that I began to appreciate the delicately, soft treat for its variety of flavors and toppings. 

From then on, frozen yogurt was offered in loads of new flavors. And with a large influence from social media, it seems like flavors began ranging from sweet to spicy, to even savory, to keep up with the best #foodie posts. As more and more stores jumped on the trend to come out with new flavors, no wonder some got more creative and daring with their options. Here are 10 of the most insane frozen yogurt flavors being sold now. 

1. Pineapple Upside Down Cake

It's no surprise pineapple upside down cake is a froyo flavor. The old-time classic dessert is as sweet as it is pretty. Mixed in with caramelized pineapples, maraschino cherries and gooey cake batter, this flavor is certainly worth trying at select locations at Yogurt Land.

2. Black Sesame 

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Rica Beltran

What used to be seen as a strange flavor, black sesame froyo has become a popular Insta-worthy treat for it's gray and black coloring. Although, not the sweet dessert that most people are accustomed to when it comes to frozen yogurt, black sesame is considered more toasty and savory. So, if you are in the mood for a treat that isn't all rainbows and butterflies and a little more on the edgy side, try this flavor at any Tutti Frutti location. 

3. Strawberry-Jalapeño 

For those of you with a craving for spicy treats, Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt has just the thing for you. With a combination of deliciously sweet strawberries and a bit of jalapeño, this treat is certainly something to be reckoned with (if you can handle the heat that is). 

4. Sweet Corn

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Allie Coneys

Corn on the cob is already an all time summer barbecue must have, so why not pair with your favorite dessert? It's certainly an out of the ordinary flavor, but still has a relatively sweet taste with a just a subtle hint of corn flavor. Find this flavor at any Yeti Yogurt location. 

5. Avocado

With the avocado craze still going at full force (have you heard about that avocado bar in Brooklyn yet?), it's about time this flavor came about. Not only found at Yogurt Lab locations, this flavor is certainly popular all over Pinterest in froyo or ice cream form as well. So if your feeling daring and want to make your own frozen yogurt, go all out with an avocado flavor.

6. Spicy Hot Chocolate 

Another fiery sweet treat, this flavor is sure to satisfy those with a sweet and spicy tooth. Combining both hot chocolate and jalapeño, Orange Leaf sure has the treat to warm you right up (or actually, cool you off) and even give your taste buds a bit of a punch. 

7. Maple Bacon Doughnut

Maple and bacon was already an interesting combination, which only led to another popular treat, doughnut style. Now, Sweet Frog brings a new take on the duo, with a maple bacon doughnut flavored frozen yogurt (say that three times fast). Surely, this super sweet and salty treat has something going for it, bringing together two favorite desserts and breakfast foods — doughnuts and froyo, and maple syrup and bacon.

8. Sriracha 

Just when you thought the Sriracha craze was over, 16 Handles unleashed this spicy, sweet treat. Mixed in with a simple, vanilla base, this flavor is certainly something only for true sriracha lovers. 

9. Olive Oil 

Definitely not what one would expect as a flavor for dessert, olive oil is apparently becoming a top ingredient in froyo flavors. Topped with sea salt, olive oil froyo is for those Mediterranean taste buds. Find this savory treat at a Chicago based restaurant, ēma, or even test out your own skills in making this sweeter version of the treat with pomegranate toppings.  

10. Taro

For those of you that don't know what taro is, it is a purple root native to Southeast Asia and India, but has become popular in Hawaiian cuisine. Taking a more exotic approach to frozen yogurt, select Yogurtland locations bring its customers this sweet, potato-like flavor for everyone to try. 

As frozen yogurt creators continue to expand and surprise us with their outlandish flavors, all foodies and froyo lovers alike will continue try them and take pics for the Insta. So, here's to being brave and trying something new. May the odds be ever in your flavor. #FroyoPuns