Froyo is likely to become one of the most popular desserts of summer 2016. For people who love froyo, this is awesome. You always have an excuse to go grab some, whether for yourself, with family, or with friends. Not everyone is obsessed with froyo though, and some people don’t have their flavor and topping mix all figured out. For all the people who don’t know what to get when your friends are going for froyo, there is a new way to figure out what to get, and it’s your sex position.

Missionary: Vanilla


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If missionary is your style, then vanilla is your froyo flavor. Missionary is classic, just like vanilla, which can say a lot about your personality. It works every time, because why mess with a good thing? You know what you’re doing, don’t let the fads throw you off your game. Vanilla is never a bad decision because it tastes good all the time.

Vanilla is virtually impossible to pair badly with any topping, so have fun and go crazy. Whether you choose fruit, chocolate, nuts or gummy candy – it is going to be good.

Doggy Style: Chocolate


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If your go-to is doggy style, then you should opt for a chocolate-based froyo flavor. Add some fun to the classic of vanilla, without straying too far into the crazy featured flavors. It’s guaranteed to spice up the typical style without all the crazy risks.

Depending on the froyo place and when you go, the chocolate flavors can range drastically. One of the best things about chocolate flavors of froyo is that they often combine chocolate and vanilla. If you aren’t feeling the plain chocolate, cookies n’ cream or ice cream sandwich are always a safe bet.

Cowgirl: Coffee


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If you are a fan of the cowgirl, then coffee froyo is for you. The independent, confident nature that shines through in your favorite position can also be found in coffee. Coffee froyo is unique in that it really tastes like coffee, and the caffeine is just a bonus.

Though coffee may not be the easiest flavor to pair with toppings, when you find the right ones, it makes for an amazing treat. Coffee tastes great with chocolate especially dark chocolate. If you are a nut fan, peanuts go well on top of coffee froyo as well.

Face Off: Original Tart


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If you like to be face to face with your partner, then original tart is the flavor for you. You enjoy being personal and connected, and come packed with a punch. Original tart comes with that same little kick, and you won’t regret it.

You can choose to keep your cup tart or make it sweet depending on your toppings. If you want to keep your froyo tasting tart and natural, fruit is your best bet. If you are feeling something sweeter, go for chocolate candy and other candied toppings.

Iron Chef: Cake Batter


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If your rendezvous normally wind up in the kitchen, the flavor for you is most definitely cake batter. You are fun-loving and energetic, and this flavor has all the delicious energy you crave.

While cake batter is a special taste, that’s just what you need. You like the sweeter things in life, so why stop now?

Shower: Fruit Sorbet


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A fan of the shower? Fruit sorbet froyo is just what you need. The yogurt is tangy and flavorful, a unique combination you will love. Combining two entirely different tastes into one incredible dessert.

Don’t be afraid to add some toppings as well. Even though your yogurt is fruity, doesn’t mean your toppings need to be. You can even have chocolate and fruit, it’s a mix that is sure to delight your senses.

Mountain Climber: Peanut Butter


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If you’re a fan of the mountain climber, odds are you are a physical person. Physical people understand the importance of peanut butter in one’s daily life. Luckily for you, peanut butter not only exists as a topping, but also as its own froyo flavor.

This twist on classic peanut butter leaves you with the traditional peanut butter taste you love, and the yogurt tang you dream of. Don’t be fooled by the people who claim there can be “too much of a good thing,” go ahead and put some Reese’s cups and peanut butter syrup on there.