April is over, but there are still things to celebrate every day! It’s officially spring, so that’s something, but even more important is the abundance food holidays that fall over the next 31 days. Celebrate big or small, but whatever you do, these are some of the many national food holidays to celebrate this May.

May 1- National Chocolate Parfait Day

Starting the month off right if I do say so myself! With layers of gooey chocolate pudding and fluffy whipped cream, sprinkled with some chocolate chips, it is the perfect sweet treat to start spring. While they may not be wildly popular, chocolate parfaits are extremely underrated and super easy to make!

May 4- National Orange Juice Day

I go to Syracuse, so naturally I had to incorporate this orange day into the list. Besides the fact that it represents the best school ever, orange juice is also a breakfast staple. Unpopular opinion: fresh squeezed is a no go. No pulp is the only way to drink this sweet but tangy juice for a quick morning pick me up.

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May 5- National Hoagie Day

Before we talk about the day itself, we must talk about the controversial name these sandwiches hold. Is it a sub? Is it a hoagie? Is it a hero? Where I’m from it’s a sub, but I won’t deny the beauty that is Wawa Hoagiefest. There are endless meats and cheeses and toppings to fill a sub, and shops like Wawa, Subway, and Primo are promoting their special day. No matter what you name you give this sandwich, today you should celebrate with your favorite! 

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May 9- National Moscato Day

Let me start by saying that if you’re not of age, mark this in the calendar for the future. But, for those of you who like to wine and dine, today is the day that Moscato better be in your glass. Both pink and white are popular choices for this special occasion, and however you decide to celebrate, remember that every hour is wine o’clock.

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May 13- National Apple Pie Day

The fact that this classic American dessert has its own special day does not surprise me at all. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t really even know why this fruit-filled crust screams red white and blue, but it does, and I don’t think anyone is mad about it. This sweet treat is perfect for so many occasions besides today. I’ve had my fair share of apple pies at Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, and Mother’s Day. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you’ve got yourself the most American dish there is.

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May 15- National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Everyone loves a warm, ooey-gooey, chocolate chip cookie that makes the entire house smell like sweet vanilla goodness. Homemade cookies are obviously the move, but there are some store-bought cookies that live up to the standard. With so many new spins on a classic favorite, cookies are becoming more and more gourmet. Insomnia, for example, has a double chocolate chip cookie that is just as melty and sweet as the original. And don’t even think about celebrating today without a tall glass of milk to wash it all down.

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May 19- National Devil’s Food Cake Day

As I was writing this article, my friend pointed out to me that devil’s food cake is chocolate, and angel food cake is vanilla. Suffice to say, my mind was blown, and I haven’t been able to think about anything else since. Today though, we must dance with the devil and indulge in this rich dark chocolate delight.

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May 21- National Strawberries and Cream Day

There are endless possible ways to celebrate today, because strawberries and cream comes with so many variations. Besides the original execution, this flavor combo has been picked up for drinks, cakes, and more. Starbucks is popular for their Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino, but if you’re in the mood for dessert, you can use these flavors to make pie fillings, crumbles, and even ice cream!

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May 28- National Hamburger Day

Another classic American dish, burgers also deserve their own day to bask in their juicy glory. Modern trends are showing us all new kinds of burgers, stepping further and further away from the classics. Some new ones that have made strides include mac n cheese burgers, cheese stuffed burgers, and the ever-popular ramen burger. All of these adaptations take burgers to a whole new level of rareness (or medium wellness, if that’s what you prefer) and they all pair perfectly with fries.

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May 31- National Macaroon Day

You may be thinking about brightly colored, airy meringue cookies wrapped in a box and neatly-tied with a ribbon. However, those are French macarons, with one “O” (we celebrate these guys on March 20th). Italain coconut macaroons, less delicate, but just as delicious. This treat is a very popular K for P dessert (Kosher for Passover) amongst the Jewish community because it is unleavened. All of the basic ingredients are the same for the two kinds, but once you bake them and taste them, they could not be more different! 

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