Over the summer, I traveled to Seoul, the culinary and cultural hub of South Korea. In Seoul, I went to Lotte Mart, one of the largest chain supermarkets in Korea. This store is the motherlode of Korean supermarket snacks at affordable prices, selling everything from Korean cosmetics to jars and jars of every kind of kimchi you could imagine. On top of that, Lotte Mart offers a tax refund for foreigners who show their passports to the cashier, giving your budget more room for buying snacks. 

It's no doubt that South Korea has a ton of affordable snacks to offer, but there's no need to get overwhelmed by the bounty of Korean goodies to choose from. I tried dozens of the many snacks that were available at this store, and here is the list of Korean supermarket snacks that I think were the most worth the visit to Seoul (or, if you're not going to Korea anytime soon, a visit to Amazon.com). 

1. Tteokbokki Crackers

Wen Yuan

Starting off with a snack that is based on one of Korea's most well-known street foods, tteokbokki crackers are a crunchy treat that are tube-shaped and hollow inside, making them light and airy. This Korean supermarket snack holds a well-balanced sweet and spicy flavor that is similar to that of tteokbokki (tohk-bohk-key), or Korea spicy rice cakes. Tteokbokki crackers would be a good replacement for hot Cheetos since they are more mellow on the spicy scale, so you don't have to worry about the roof of your mouth hurting after eating a whole bag (because you know you're going to eat the whole bag).

2. White Cookie Pepero

Wen Yuan

Pepero is a Korean brand that is very similar to Pocky, and one of their most popular flavors is the White Cookie Pepero. The inside is a crisp and flaky biscuit stick, and the outside layer basically tastes like a coating of Oreo filling with chunks of the cookie on top. Do you ever get the feeling that Oreos never have enough filling? Well, this snack gives you the satisfying taste of your favorite part of an Oreo by making the addictingly sweet Oreo cream the most significant flavor. 

3. Honey Butter Chips

Wen Yuan

Instead of picking up some Lay's the next time you're craving a crispy potato snack, consider a bag of honey butter chips. Although this flavor combination might sound strange at first, rest assured, it works surprisingly well together and isn't overly sweet at all. The honey flavor is quite subtle, and the savoriness from the butter coupled with the honey produce a taste that resembles a slightly sweeter version of sour cream and onion chips. This is one of those snacks that gets better with each bite.

4. Crispy Seaweed Snack

Wen Yuan

These aren't your ordinary dried seaweed snacks; sandwiched between each slice of dried seaweed are little bits of crispy brown rice. This combination gives off a savory taste from the seaweed and a sweetness from the brown rice, and the crunch makes it super enjoyable to eat while you're watching a movie or scrolling through YouTube. This crispy seaweed snack also comes in anchovy or almond flavors, and each possesses a different taste that blends well with seaweed.

5. Yogurt Jelly

Wen Yuan

Getting tired of the same old gummy flavors? Then yogurt jellies just might be the snack for you. This unique type of gummy is based on a yogurt drink that is very popular in Korea, as well as Japan and China. Unlike western yogurts, this yogurt is very liquidy and has a sweet, tart taste that isn't present in most dairy products. These jellies perfectly mimic this yogurty taste, and they're finished with a chewy texture that makes them perfect for an on-the-go snack.

6. Honey Butter Almonds

Wen Yuan

You might be wondering why honey butter is appearing twice on this list, but honey butter is a very popular flavoring combination among snacks in Korea. Exhibit B: honey butter almonds. Unlike exhibit A (honey butter chips), this snack emphasizes the honey flavor, so it's much sweeter than it is savory, which complements the nuttiness of almonds. Another plus of honey butter almonds is that the flavor comes from a powder that completely coats the almond, so you don't have to worry about getting your hands sticky.

7. Sunflower Seed Chocolate Balls

Wen Yuan

Staying with the theme of sugar-coated nuts, these small packages of chocolate covered sunflower seeds are actually much tastier than you might think. This fusion of shelled sunflower seeds and a chocolate coating creates a taste that is pleasantly similar to that of Nutella, and what's even better is that this Korean supermarket snack is way more convenient than a jar of the popular hazelnut spread. You can carry these sunflower seed chocolate balls in your bag and grab them by the handful any time of the day. 

8. Sugar-Free Green Grape Candy

Wen Yuan

If you are a big fan of green grapes over red grapes and you like hard candy, this green grape candy is perfect for you. With zero added sugar, one piece of this candy has only 10 calories and tastes exactly like a green grape, rather than an artificial flavor. The next time you're picking up hard candy, instead of going for the Jolly Ranchers, look for green grape candies at your nearest Asian market or buy in bulk if you visit South Korea.

9. Xylitol Gum 

Wen Yuan

Xylitol gum is advertised to help prevent cavities and tooth decay. Xylitol itself is a natural sweetener, so this Korean gum is totally sugar-free. The original flavored gum has a fruity taste similar to that of Juicy Fruit and a subtle minty flavor that tastes sweet and refreshing. Other than the original Xylitol gum, you can choose between multiple flavors like strawberry, blueberry, lime, or apple and order these special bags of gum online in bulk for fresh breath and healthy teeth. 

Obviously, I still have my fair share of Korean supermarket snacks to explore, but these are the several snacks that I definitely would buy again, whether online or the next time I visit South Korea. If you like Korean flavors and want to improve your international snack game, then these unique Korean supermarket snacks are worth a try.