Growing up in Germany, our breakfasts were not your typical American idea of pancakes, bacon, and eggs. In Germany, the breakfast consisted of freshly baked rolls directly from the Bakery and your table set with different kinds of cheeses, meats, and spreads (such as honey, jam, and Nutella). The best part of my mornings was cutting up my rolls and spreading A LOT of Nutella on them. My Dad would get annoyed at the amount of chocolate that was covering my face; he still does. Because of my good-hearted memories of Nutella, I would like to share the knowledge I recently came across about Nutella, where it came from, how it came to be, and why it's so good. These are facts any Nutella-fan needs to know. By the end of this article, you'll know 10 more facts about Nutella and it will make you want Nutella over Peanut Butter in a heartbeat. 

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Hailey Maher

1. 70% Hazelnut, 30% Chocolate, 100% MHMMMM

When reading the label on the jar, a lot of people comprehend that Nutella is in fact made with Hazelnuts. But I bet a majority of people believed it was more of the Cocoa powder that brought out the flavor. In all actuality, Nutella was based on an old Italian recipe, Gianduja, that called for...what for it...70% HAZELNUT AND 30% CHOCOLATE. Coincidence? I think not. Another coincidence is that Italy and most of the Mediterranean region had an abundance of Hazelnut, therefore easier for production. 

2. Their secret Vegetable Oil???

Yes. Vegetable Oil. In 1951, Ferrero's son, Michele, was trying to find a way to turn his father's solid block of Nutella into something creamy and spreadable. After much experimentation, his son found out that Vegetable Oil had the best outcome. The main ingredients in Nutella today is Hazelnuts, Chocolate, and Palm Oil. 

3. If you call Nutella chocolate cream, you get sued. 

It is true. Under Italian law, Nutella is not allowed to be called "chocolate cream", because it does not meet the requirements for minimum cocoa solids. Hazelnut-1 Chocolate-0. 

4. Ferrero uses 25% of the global Hazelnut supply, which means there are about 50 Hazelnuts in each jar. 

5. THERE IS A WORLD NUTELLA DAY. In the words of Shangela Laquifa (All-star Drag Queen from RuPaul's Drag Race show), "HALLELOU". 

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Clare Beatty

Since 2007, World Nutella Day is held every year on February 5th. 

6. For the love of God and all that is Holy, Do NOT refrigerate it. 

Because of the high amount of sugar in Nutella, it allows itself to be stored right in your spacious cupboard and will remain consumable at room temperature until it's expiration date. If you do in fact refrigerate it, the oil from the hazelnuts will harden, making it impossible to spread its beautiful richness. 

7. You cannot name your kid "Nutella". 

I cannot believe this is a fact, but in 2015, a French couple wanted to name their daughter "Nutella", but the judge did not allow it, ruling the inappropriateness and saving this poor girl from a lifetime of mockery and humiliation. You go, Judge!

8. Guess who the inventor of Tic Tac's is. 

Oh yes. Ferrero and his company, Ferrero SpA, has been credited with creating the minty freshness that is Tic Tac

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Parsa Lotfi

9. There is a lot of sugar in Nutella. A lot. 

Each Tablespoon holds about 100 calories of sugar. On the bright side, there are 20 grams of protein in each jar. 

10. Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds, enough to circle the globe 1.8 times!

Now that you've been educated on these 10 facts about Nutella, I advise you to go try something new with it. Try spreading it on some bread rolls or a bagel. Try a dessert recipe that includes it (brownies with Nutella are the best). Try making some hazelnut hot chocolate. Most importantly, educate others on these 10 interesting facts about Nutella. Get your butt in gear and start eating!