After weeks of stress preparing for, taking, and crying over finals, all you want to do is head home and relax. Fortunately, the winter weather makes it easy for us to stay indoors and get cozy. Before (and after) you are forced back to the oh-so-stressful life of a college student, be sure to cuddle up with this list of hot cocoa recipes.

1. Boozy Peppermint Hot Cocoa

goody, ice, candy, whipped cream, hot chocolate, coffee, sweet, milk, chocolate, cream
Julia Muro

Destined to keep you warm all winter, this mix of heat and peppermint alcohol will melt the harsh winter storms away. Make this fun treat to spice up the holiday family dinner, to serve to your guests at your holiday party, or simply sip and relax alone. 

2. Nutella Hot Cocoa

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Parsa Lotfi

Tired of basic hot cocoa? Look no further than this hazelnut twist. What could be better than two comfort foods combined? This mix of hot chocolate and Nutella is sure to keep you warm during this winter season.

3. Creamy Homemade Hot Cocoa

cream, chocolate, coffee, milk
Parisa Soraya

After a long day of trekking around in frosty air, come home and whip up a creamy hot chocolate. This homemade hot chocolate will warm up all your insides and help you destress from the holiday crowds that fill the malls.

4. Trés Délicieus (French) Hot Cocoa

milk, pudding, chocolate, soup, coffee, cream
Natsuko Mazany

Unable to travel abroad this holiday season? No worries, I have a solution for you. While watching the snow fall down, why not treat yourself to a little taste of Paris? This French hot chocolate will not only keep you warm, but take you on your own private getaway right from the comfort of your own couch.

5. Oreo Hot Cocoa

hot chocolate, espresso, milk, cream, coffee, chocolate
Leah Nordman

If you're anything like me, you must think Oreos are just heavenly. The combination of sweet cream and chocolate makes me head back to the kitchen to make seconds. This Oreo-inspired hot cocoa not only give your sweet tooth a treat, but also make sure you are prepared to face all the winter storms that lie ahead. 

6. Red Wine Hot Cocoa

espresso, coffee, chocolate
Amelia Hitchens

There are two things almost every college student loves: wine and comfort food. There's simply no better way to fight off harsh winter weather than with some happiness in a mug. This red wine hot cocoa will be sure to keep you warm, happy and comforted as you make your way through the dreaded winter (and finals, and everyday life).

7. Mint Chip Hot Cocoa

avocado, pudding, coffee, milk, chocolate, cream
Leah Nordman

What's better than a root beer float? A hot chocolate float. This mint chip hot cocoa will be sure to give you the perfect mix of hot and warm this winter season. Your tastebuds will be doing the jingle bell hop and you won't be able to put this drink down as you watch the snow fall.

8. Caramel Hot Cocoa

chocolate, cream, caramel
 Leah Nordman

Sweet on sweet on sweet. This caramel hot cocoa is perfect for anyone's relentless sweet tooth. Curl up, warm up and satisfy those taste buds. There's no room for anyone to be a grinch this holiday season.

9. Peanut Butter Hot Cocoa

whipped cream, ice cream, cream, ice, chocolate
Leah Nordman

Have to brave the cold winter air at a dreadful hour? This peanut butter hot cocoa is the perfect compliment for any early morning breakfast. Some protein for the day and warming you up before you even hit the streets. Now that's what I'm talking about.

10. Frozen Hot Chocolate

cream, milk, chocolate
karina rao

And, when all this hot cocoa cuddling gets to be too much treat yourself to a beautifully crafted frozen hot chocolate. You don't bother the cold, and the cold doesn't bother you. 

Drink up!