Eating out every meal on a student budget might seem ideal, but the costs add up quickly. If you have a kitchen, a fridge, and some cabinet space, you can make sure your apartment is stocked up for the semester. I narrowed down 10 must have grocery items all students need in their college apartment. This should make your next trip to the supermarket a little less stressful. 

1. Shredded Cheese

Quesadillas, omelettes, nachos, grilled cheese and more. This is a key ingredient to some of your favorite meals and snacks in college. From sharp cheddar, to mozzarella, to 4 cheese Mexican, there are a lot of different options to buy. Make sure you keep enough of your preferred type in the fridge so you always have enough for your next after-class snack.

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Yasmeen Aboulhawa

2. Pasta

I never understood how people survived off of pasta in college until I got my own apartment and realized how quickly I go through each box. Pasta is great to keep around your apartment because it is quick and easy to make, and also works for so many dishes. It goes perfectly with tomato or meat sauce, chicken and broccoli, or plain old butter and parmesan cheese if you're picky like me. Pasta also has a long shelf life so you can stock up for the school year to come. 

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Jocelyn Hsu

3. Fruit

Probably the healthiest thing that is sitting in your fridge. Strawberries, blueberries, apples, bananas; you name it. Any type of fruit is a must in your apartment because it makes a great snack or sweet yet healthy dessert. Make sure you only buy fruit that you are 100% going to eat, or you'll be throwing it out after a couple weeks.

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4. Cereal

Most people think of cereal as just a breakfast food, but it really makes a great snack at any time of the day. Cereal can last for months if stored properly and you can even find healthy ones at your local grocery store. It makes an awesome late night post study snack!

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Jocelyn Hsu

5. Eggs

A must have in not just college apartments, but any kitchen. This protein rich essential is perfect for an energizing and filling breakfast first thing in the morning. Omelettes, sunny side up, and scrambled eggs; theres no wrong way to do it. Eggs are also good to have around if you are a spontaneous baker like I am. 

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Msu Spoon

6. Crackers

Stock up your pantries with some boxes of ritz, saltine, or wheat thin crackers after your first trip to the grocery store. They are the ideal salty snack that isn't too filling but still holds you through your afternoon lecture without an empty stomach. They also go great sprinkled in your favorite soup or served with some delicious dip. 

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7. Waffles

If you find yourself hungry in the morning constantly with ten minutes until you need to be out the door, you're going to want to have a box of frozen waffles in your freezer. Waffles make a quick and easy breakfast that can be served with fresh fruit, Nutella, or plain maple syrup. They are a tasty and savory way to start your day!

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8. Protein Bars/Snack Bars

If you're like me and constantly on the go, throw a few snack bars in your backpack so you'll always have something to nosh on. Luna, Granola, and and KIND are just a few healthy bars you'll want to keep around for those snacking moments. 

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9. Bread

There is nothing like a nice peanut butter and jelly or turkey sandwich, with some sour dough bread for an after class lunch. Or some homemade French toast on a Saturday morning. There are so many types of breads at the grocery store, but make sure you buy the kind that's best for your own bread needs. 

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10. Lettuce

Possibly the only green on your list, but you can't forget about it. You need lettuce for your salad or wrap of choice, but theres other ways you can use it too. If you want to get fancy, you can also use lettuce for lettuce wraps or as a healthy addition to any burger or sandwich. 

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Caroline Ingalls

Hopefully these 10 essentials will not only save you money, but show you how many ways you can utilize each grocery item. So before you order your next take out meal, look to see what you have available in your fridge, freezer, and cabinets.