I believe there are two types of people in this world: civil folk that admire the quality food of Sheetz and savages that worship the mediocrity of Wawa. It's Sheetz versus Wawa, and I'm ready to show my gas station loyalty by presenting the 10 foods Sheetz has that Wawa doesn't.

Sheetz offers endless food options to satisfy hunger, while Wawa has... hoagies. Regular hoagies are great and everything, but not Wawa's hoagies. I even have photographic evidence that proves Wawa's hoagies are pathetic. 

bacon, sandwich, cheese, hot dog
Kara McKenna

I'm sorry, but does that look like a hoagie you want to eat? My Sheetz obsessed sister sent me this picture to document her first visit to the competitor, and she was shocked at how terrible her hoagie was considering how people rave about Wawa. 

The debate of Sheetz versus Wawa has been going on for decades, and I'm ready to settle the argument once and for all to declare Sheetz the winner. Sheetz is the champion in my eyes because its menu options are endless and everything is made to order.

If you don't believe Sheetz is the winner, here are 10 foods Sheetz has that Wawa doesn't:

1. French fries

Hey, Wawa, I just have one question for you: How do you not have french fries?! It's like you aren't even trying to win the gas station food game. If you ain't talking french fries, I don't wanna talk.

2. Hamburgers

A thick juicy hamburger can fill up anyone, except Wawa customers because they don't serve burgers. I guess a burger and fries is too much to ask for. Thankfully, Sheetz has this combo covered.

3. Mac and cheese bites

Mac and cheese alone is a gift I would love to receive, but Sheetz takes it up a notch with fried mac n' cheese bites. They're crispy on the outside and oh-so-gooey on the inside.

4. Pizza

Mamma mia, this is a good Sheetza pizza. Getting a full sized pizza while pumping gas might sound sketchy, but not at Sheetz. Their pizza is crafted to perfection.  

5. Onion rings

I'll let the bag talk for this one: "We call 'em happy-tizers." I completely agree with Sheetz. Onion rings are more than an appetizer, they're a happy-tizer. 

6. Popcorn chicken

Wawa seems to be chickening out at this point. Popcorn chicken is easy and fun to eat, and that's why Sheetz offers it. Don't forget to add one of their many dipping sauces to complete your meal.

7. Boneless wings

Sheetz offers every kind of food a person could want in life, even these boneless wings. If you are looking for some late night fun, you could have a Sheetz wing eating competition at any hour of the night since they're open 24 hours.   

8. Tater tots

Wawa's lack of potatoes is disgraceful. First they tested me by not having french fries, and now they don't have tater tots. Thankfully, Sheetz is here to keep the potato party poppin'.

9. Mozzarella sticks

If you like playing with your food, Sheetz understands. Just look at the picture above of the dinosaur playing Jenga with mozzarella sticks. I wouldn't mind toppling the tower though, because then I could bite into fried cheesy goodness.

10. Fried pickle chips

Sheetz is here for pickle lovers with their fried pickle chips. These chips are perfectly seasoned and made with love. Hence Sheetz's saying "feel the love."

Next time you're driving on the highway and see an exit sign for Sheetz and Wawa, picture this list in your head and make a pitstop at Sheetz. Never settle for the competitor — feel the love at Sheetz instead.