If you haven't had a true Sheetz eating experience, you probably just think it's a typical gas station. However, for those of us that have grown to love Sheetz, we know it is so much more than that.

If you are anything like us, you are a Sheetz fanatic. If you aren't sure how serious your Sheetz obsession is, here's a list of tell-tale signs that you are obsessed.

1. You are a pro at ordering on the computers.


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You don't even bother to wait in the lines anymore (even though it would still be worth it if you had to). It's all business and the computer systems only make your obsession that much easier to cater to.

2. You have tried every combination of the appetizer platter.

25 Fried Mac n Cheese - Chip Shop

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You of course have your favorites (ahem, fried mac and cheese bites), but you know that you can never go wrong with any of the amazing fried options on the menu. At this point, you've participated in so many late night Sheetz runs that you know exactly where each of the menu items rank.

3. You crave frozen hot chocolate in the middle of the night. 

You'll make just about any excuse to get a cup of this drink that tastes like a combo of brownie batter and Heaven. It doesn't matter if you're laying in bed or finishing up a group project in the lib, you cannot escape the frozen hot cocoa cravings.

#SpoonTip: If you can't get to a Sheetz, try this 10 minute frozen hot chocolate.

4. You will purposefully go out of your way to get gas at a Sheetz.

Sheetz AM

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It doesn't matter how close those other boring gas stations are, you will risk having to push your car up the road just to get your fix. You can't stand road tripping with people who don't share your values and you will do just about anything to convince them to only stop at Sheetz.

5. You will go to war with anyone who doesn't think Sheetz is the best. 

Wawa? Eh. 7/11? No, thank you. Sure, these places probably have some redeeming qualities, but you will not let anyone tell you that they are better than Sheetz. You are willing to have a full pledged debate just to defend your beloved Sheetz.

6. You'd honestly take a Sheetz run over going to a "real" restaurant. 

Mozz Sticks

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Whoever said you can't get quality eats at a gas station has never been to Sheetz. For a true Sheetz addict, there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting an order mozz sticks and fried cheese curds for dinner.

7. You look forward to road trips solely because of Sheetz. 

When a friend asks if you want to go for a drive, you immediately get excited at the realization that you will be able to visit the homeland. While you might enjoy your friends' company or listening to music on an open road, you know that you're really just there for the Sheetz. 

Sheetz is the perfect addition to your road trip lunch.