Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, the most wonderful time of the year has arrived. It's Movember: the magical month where millions of peach fuzz lords, dirt 'stache kings, and Burt Reynolds impersonators worldwide let their upper lips thrive while raising money and awareness for men's health for 30  days. 

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Since the Movember campaign began in Australia in 2003, Movember has helped raise $839 million for 1,200 men's health projects. Last year alone, Canadians raised $15.5 million. In 2017, with 20 countries participating, the sky's the limit for what can be achieved.

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Sporting a moustache for an entire month can be a daunting fashion statement for many. To help with this, I have compiled a list of the ten best foods to pair with your new furry friend, so you can rock the full fledged Mo Bro aesthetic. 

1. Steak

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Alex Vu

Nothing is more classically masculine than a nice big hunk of meat. Steaks pair well with a thick, furry moustache that brushes up against your nose as you chew. Steak is the meal for a man who sports his caterpillar with pride. You are that man for one whole month this Movember, so go ahead and eat your steak. You deserve it, Mo Bro.   

2. Beer

Michelle Miller

Beer has always been a friend of Movember since day 1. From specialty Movember beers to beer flavoured moustache care products, Movember and beer really are a match made in heaven. Continue the tradition, and have an ice cold beer to celebrate the season of 'stache. Try one of these beers to really get in the spirit, and leave your upper lips coated in suds.

3. Tuna and Salmon

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Jocelyn Hsu

Eating fish is a great way to reduce the risk of many health complications common among men. Fish such as tuna and salmon are high in omega-3 fatty acids, and can help prevent prostate cancer. Try a sushi burrito this Movember to get your fishy fix, because if there's something more manly than taking a big bite out of a burrito, I haven't heard of it. 

4. ANY Hot Drinks with Whipped Cream

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Julia Press

Sometimes, you have to embrace the limitations of your moustache. So yea, you are going to get a little  whipped cream in your moustache when you drink this. But you embrace it, because it's Movember, and you're rocking the moustache aesthetic 100%. Let everyone know you've got that moustache; it's for a good cause! 

5. Sandwiches

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Nothing shows off your moustache more than opening up your mouth as wide as you can, and diving into a sandwich piled high with all your favourites. Fill your sandwich bread of choice with your favourite meats, veggies, and sauces, and stack them as high as the sky. The higher you stack 'em, the more you show off your beautiful upper lip.

6. Salad

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Bernard Wen

Real men eat salad, and everyone knows it. In the true spirit of Movember, why not eat some salad this month? It is for men's health after all. And be sure to toss some broccoli, sunflower seeds, and walnuts in your salad. They're great for preventing prostate cancer and other diseases prevalent among men. 

7. Ribs

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Look at this man and his beautiful moustache. He's the only man you'd ever want serving you ribs; and why is that? Because of his bold, beautiful moustache. As you approach a plate of his succulent, saucy ribs, he looks into your eyes with a smile. "Please, have some ribs my moustached friend. Thank you for supporting men's health this month." You happily oblige, and grab a plate with an equal smile.   

8. Scotch

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Image from WikiCommons

A classic bartender like this one above is incomplete without a thick, well-groomed moustache. The moustache holds authority at the bar and lets the customer know the bartender knows what he's doing. When drinking an alcohol like scotch, you need this kind of authority. Take advantage of your moustache authority this Movember, and sip some scotch

9. Eggs

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Chelsea Barbee

Hair is made of protein. Eggs are chock full of protein. If you're wanting that thick Movember moustache you've always desired, you've got to 'crack' some eggs into your diet (pun intended). It's a no-brainer. Eggs are such a versatile ingredient, they can be eaten at any time of the day. Try a new way of making eggs this Movember, like this.  

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Now you're all set to rock Movember all month long. Make sure you're ready to fundraise by clicking here, so you can make the most of the month. Not participating? Click here to donate so you too can help change the face of men's health.